Red, White & You! Midget Block 122


I've been putting some of my red and white blocks together. I don't have any special arrangement planned. I am following the suggestion of a friend for how I'm setting them together and I'll share that with you in a couple of days.

I can't believe it's the first day of July. I'm not sure if I feel saying "where is summer?" because it's been so cold or "where has summer gone?" because it's already July!
Clutch and I are getting ready for the big Fourth of July holiday weekend. Lots of family arriving over the next several hours and Izzy will be back to spend time with Clutch.

Just look at these two lazy bones! They do enjoy their time outside on the deck.

Midget Block 122 is called Liberty Star. Seems like a great block to start the holiday weekend. Today's block presents it's own set of unique challenges even though it looks like a really easy block. I chose to foundation piece the block.

Here's my red and white block. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. There are lots and lots of tiny points that all come together in the same place. My tips to you are, trim your seam allowances to 1/8" as you do the foundation piecing and when you sew the four sections together, press those 1/4" seams open. As I look at this picture I can see some frog stitching in my future to fix some of my mistakes.

Midget Block - 122

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