Red, White & You! – Midget Block 124


We've been busy here celebrating the Fourth of July holiday. Lots of really nice fireworks over the lake and the weather has been practically perfect. I hope you don't mind I skipped a couple of days to spend time with family and enjoy the holiday.

Have you made any red and white Midget Blocks? I haven't seen anyone post pictures yet in the Red, White & You Flickr Group. Come on quilters, share those beautiful blocks!

Today's block is one of those quilt blocks that just oozes friendship to me. It's called Coffee Cups. I spend a lot of time drinking coffee and sharing a cup of coffee with a quilter, even if it's on the telephone or via email, brightens my day.

When I began drafting this block I found that as coffee cup blocks go this one is quite unique. I was finally able to track down it's origin and found it was designed by Carrie Hall.

I'm putting together my red and white version in a rather unique way. I'm constructing it with a combination of applique and foundation piecing. I cut 3" x 4" pieces of background fabric and using the back basting method, appliqued the handles and cups in position.

You can see from my pencil markings on the wrong side where the top and bottom edge of the cup is. I'm going to align the side edges of the cup with the lines on my foundation pattern for that area and finish the block on the sewing machine.

Midget Block 124

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