Beyond The Cherry Trees Borders ………..Oh Boy!


Last night I posted the first of the border pattern for the Beyond The Cherry Trees quilt. You'd think after all the time I've been working with this quilt there wouldn't be anything left to surprise me but..............the quilt wins again!

If you're a quilt maker looking at the corner of this quilt wondering how the borders were added you notice the seam running parallel to the edge of the quilt and immediately conclude the borders weren't mitered. Not seeing a second seam indicating the addition of a corner square you'd surmise border strips sewn to each side and then to the top and bottom of the quilt.

Just like this - right?

Surprise, surprise, not with the Cherry Trees quilt! This quilter never ceases to amaze me. I haven't seen applique borders on an antique quilt like this before. Have you? - Please share the story.

The borders were sewn to the center blocks counter clockwise in a log cabin fashion.

Fabric requirements and cutting instructions are given for adding the borders in a traditional way with the side borders added first and then the top and the bottom. If you want to work with the partial seams you'd need to construct the borders like the original quilt don't forget to adjust your cutting measurements to allow for this in the length of the border strips you cut. I will admit this method might give you a bit more freedom for design because you could complete the applique on the strips before sewing them to the center and just cut off the ends without regard for how the design stops at the end of each side. I have trouble with circles that aren't perfectly round so I'm going to need a bit more structure to my method.

This month's pattern is for the Right Side Border Strip. It was such fun to follow along the vine and find all the hidden treasures quilted in the peaks and valleys of the vine.

Beginning in the lower right corner and going up. Leaves, flowers and feathers.

When I found this arc I thought it was a motif representing the sun but the inside has rounded drops rather than pointed sun rays. Do you think it's a fern?


Leaves and a daisy

Leaves and flowers

Traditional feathers and leaves

A new design!

The top left corner - feathers, flowers and circles.

I love the partial leaf quilted right at the edge of the corner. Corners are rounded

I hope you'll enjoy working on this border section and maybe use it on another quilt as well. The applique isn't too overwhelming and the touch of embroidery used for the stems adds to the charm. If you're missing any of the blocks you can purchase them here in the Online Store.

The weather here has been just beautiful the last few days. It's hard to believe summer is almost over. They say things are going to change soon so I took a day last week to put together one of the snuggly Cuddle Quilts from Lolly's in Shipshewana.

If there's any question in your mind about just how cuddly these quilts are take a look at what happened when I was trying to sew the binding on the quilt.

Yes, that's Clutch who jumped up on the table when I wasn't looking and plopped himself down right on the quilt coming out from the back of the machine. What a guy!

Did you notice that sparkling deck under the Cuddle Quilt? All the nice weather has inspired us to do a little deck washing. If there's something you'd like a closer look at on the Beyond They Cherry Trees quilt send me an email and we'll spread it out on that clean deck to take a picture.

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