Just Takes 2™ Quilt – March 1 Quilt Blocks


Today's the day! It's time for the 5th set of Just Takes 2 blocks. I hope you've had a chance to finish the last group. Can you believe you've already made 18 of the blocks in this quilt and it's only the first of March?
You should probably take a deep breath before you scroll down and take a look at the blocks for today.

Okay, I heard that gasp all the way over here in Michigan! We don't want you to be nervous or intimidated. We have step by step instructions for you.

 Block 19

I changed the red center on this block to white and added redwork embroidery. If you've never made a Feathered Star block this will be a great learning experience. It's a 15" block so the pieces are small enough to be delicate but large enough so you don't feel too overwhelmed. If you're in love with some of the embroidery on my block (which we hope you are) there's an Optional Redwork Embroidery Pattern you can purchase as a digital download HERE. There are 14 designs to choose from and they're sized perfectly for the squares and triangles in this block.

If embroidery isn't your thing - don't worry - the block is beautiful on it's own using red fabric for the center. Either way there are a few things you can do to guarantee success when sewing.

  • Take your time! I can't stress this one enough. Work slowly and you won't have any trouble putting this together.
  • If your fabrics have a soft feel to them I suggest using Magic Sizing or some spray starch on them before cutting your pieces. I like Mary Ellen's Best Press Clear Starch Alternative 16 Ounces-Lavender Fields. It'll make a big difference in the stability of your fabric pieces when working on this block.
  • Make sure you're sewing an exact or slightly scant 1/4" seam.
  • Press seams open where suggested in the instructions. I know this goes against almost everything we've ever learned but trust me it helps.

There are some additional tips on the pattern sheets and here are a few pictures I took while sewing my block.

Press seams open where instructed in the directions.

By pressing some of the seams open you have a clear view of the intersections of the feathers in your star when sewing these strips to the background squares and triangles.


A completed corner section. (I had cut my background square extra big but wouldn't do that again.)

Here's a look at the first partial seam you'll be asked to sew.

The partial seams sewn on the background triangles.

The kites!

Adding the white corners if you're making your block with a red center.

Ready to finish up those partial seams.

 Block 20


 Block 21


 Block 22


If you fall in love with Feathered Stars you might want to check out the pattern for the Feathered Star Redwork Wall Quilt in the Online Store.

*** We have found an error on the foundation patterns for the Flying Geese on Blocks 20 & 22. The beak of the last goose has fallen 1/4" so the angle is incorrect on pieces A14 and A15!

The pattern file has been corrected.......

Just Takes 2 Blocks for March 1 - Retired Click here to purchase


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