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Hello to everyone from cool and rainy Traverse City, Michigan! I'm looking forward to next week when temperatures are supposed to get back to normal. I've got quite a bit of "sun stitching" planned for the summer but today it's all about Just Takes 2™.

We have two 12" blocks, two 3" x 12" blocks and a little redwork embroidery!

 Block 39


 Block 40

This might look like a difficult block but I was pleasantly surprised at how easily it went together. You'll begin by foundation paper piecing the four triangle and diamond points.


The points are assembled in three sections. Match the angles of the paper at the end of the seam and a quick poke through of a pin at an intersection of one of the diamonds will be all you'll need to line up the entire seam.


Completed diamond section.

Sew the diamond sections to the center square.

Remember to start and stop your stitching at the beginning and end of the seam line.

If you move the pin that marks the beginning of the seam about 1/4" away you can easily position the needle right at the start point of your seam.

Move the pin marking the end of your seam 1/4" too and you'll get a perfect ending point.

Continue sewing the points around the center square. Let the paper be your friend in finding the beginning and ending points of your seams.

Almost finished!

The template for the background pieces of this block is printed on two pieces of paper because of it's size. You'll need to tape the two sections together before cutting out your fabric. You can hand or machine piece these seams.

This is the embroidery design I selected. If you'd like to purchase the set of Optional Redwork Embroidery Designs just click on the text and you'll be directed to the Online Store.

 Block 41

 Block 42

Nothing too complicated with those last two blocks. I hope you have fun with these and look forward to seeing your progress on the Just Takes 2™ blog site.

Click on the link below to get your blocks.

Just Takes 2™ Blocks for June 1 - Click here


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