Grandmother’s Choice and Sally Post – Why Didn’t I Think of That!


I had an unusual thing happen yesterday. Orders started coming in one after the other for the same pattern. I couldn't help but wonder what in the world was going on. The pattern had been presented as a block of the month a long time ago and while it's still a great pattern is doesn't usually sell at this rate.

Remember this?

It's the Sally Post Floral Sampler quilt. Well, I couldn't stand it and had to solve the ordering mystery so I wrote to one of my customers and guess what? The blocks are the same size as the Grandmother's Choice blocks I was eagerly awaiting the start of from Barbara Brackman and she wanted to add some applique blocks to her quilt. Why didn't I think of that???

If you haven't seen this, you really need to take a look. Each weekly block is accompanied by wonderful historical information and stories on women's rights. It's such an interesting journey to see what appears each week and to have a quilt block to go along with it makes it even more special.

A new block and information is presented each Saturday for 49 weeks and at the end of the year you'll have enough blocks for your quilt. The subtle purple and green colors of this years blocks are beautiful. I may just have to follow Barbara's lead and make my blocks using the same colors. They're beautiful.

I'm honored to have so many people like the Sally Post blocks enough that they want to add them to Barbara's blocks and probably should be giving you the link suggesting everyone buy the pattern but that's just not what quilting is all about for me.
There are 36 blocks in the Sally Post Floral Sampler and I'll post a block each week (Saturday) for anyone who wants to add a little applique to their Grandmother's Choice blocks. The Sally Post blocks are set "on point" so I'll include an extra page with the design sized to fit on a "straight set" 8" block.
If you can't stand to wait for the weekly blocks then by all means go ahead and order the pattern but it doesn't include the straight set sized blocks.
Special note: If you placed an order for the pattern in the last couple of days and are feeling a little blue because the blocks will be offered again for free, please email me and I'll make it right with you.

Sally Post Floral Sampler Quilt

I hope you're having a great Labor Day weekend if you're in the United States. It's just beautiful here at the cottage and we're enjoying the sunshine.

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