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I know it has been a long, long, l-o-n-g time since I've posted new Midget Blocks. Trust me, there were many valid reasons for taking a break but I think I can work my way around the biggest one so today we're going to start Midget Block Mondays! Don't you just love the catchy title? I started Sally Post Saturdays last month so Midget Block Mondays seems perfect.
What in the world will we do Tuesday - Saturday?

If you're not familiar with Midget Blocks, they are 4 1/2" blocks drafted from a stunning antique coverlet I own. I never seem to grow tired of working with blocks from this quilt. They're perfect for all kinds of projects using all styles of fabric.

The antique quilt is filled with blocks made using solid color fabrics.

Long before the Infinite Variety quilt exhibit or Just Takes 2 I was making red and white Midget Blocks for Red, White & You!


Aren't they beautiful made in red and white?

You can't go wrong with traditional 1930s prints. I'm ready to make some blocks using my Kaffe Fassett fabrics!

Many of the remaining blocks in the original quilt are complex, difficult blocks to both draft and construct so I'll be mixing in some new blocks to keep everyone from getting discouraged. Just looking at the back of this block gives me a greater appreciation for quilters from the past like the one who constructed this entire quilt by hand making tiny 4" blocks without the aide of all the great time saving tools and techniques we have today.


No matter what fabrics you choose for making your blocks or even if you're just collecting the patterns, here's some information you'll want to keep in mind.

  • All blocks are 4 1/2" finished size.
  • I always present instructions using what I think is the easiest method for construction. If you have an idea - please share it with everyone. We all love learning something new.
  • There is a Flickr Group to post photos and for discussion. Everyone is encouraged to share their blocks.
  • There is a new Yahoo Group for those of us making Midget Blocks. It's a great way to stay connected with other quilters who are working on the same project. Hopefully I can edit the group to include whatever we need. You can join by clicking the link below.

  • Click to join Midget_Blocks
    Click to join Midget_Blocks
  • The first 50 Midget Block patterns were retired a long time ago. You can purchase them as a pattern set HERE. I will be retiring another 50 blocks in a couple of months so please download your free copies soon.
  • The blocks in the Week by Week Sampler pattern are 4" in size. They are not the same size as Midget Blocks which are 4 1/2". Same quilt - different size blocks.
  • New blocks will be posted on Monday of each week. I can't guarantee what time of the day it will happen because it's manually done and the time will vary depending on my schedule. I won't always write a blog post for each posting so you'll need to check the Midget Blocks page for new blocks.
  • I will post blocks as long as there is an interest in making them or until I'm too old and feeble minded to do this.
  • If you'd like to see all the previous posts on Midget Blocks just type midget blocks in the search box located just above my picture in the upper right side of this page and you can scroll back through them all.

I think that's it for the basic information but I'm sure I've forgotten something. If you have questions please leave a comment and I'll post an answer for everyone to see.

I'm posting two blocks today. The first (Blocks 126) is an easy block to make and was relevant to the quilt at the time it was made but brings much angst today. I thought about leaving it out completely but there would be many of you who would be unhappy because I didn't include ALL the blocks so I decided to just face the situation head on, post the block, and move on to the next one. That's all I'm going to say about it other than it's posting is not meant to be offensive to anyone.

This is Block 127. It's called Lozenge Tree. I think you'll have fun with this one.Oh my goodness this is getting long. I've probably given you more information that you ever wanted to know. I've got to get ready for the Wicked Blog Hop beginning today. My day is the 29th so be sure to stop by.

Let the fun begin again!

PS. Check out the Midget Block things in the Zazzle Store!

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