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I find it so hard to believe it's the first day of November. I always feel like this is the day that starts a whirlwind of activity that includes a move back to Grand Rapids, the Fall Dear Jane Retreat in Shipshewana quickly followed by Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. I'm never sure when I'll be able to stop and take a breath in between all that.

Some of today's blocks are among the most challenging we've had so far but they really are worth the effort so grab your "big quilter's panties" and let's get to it.

There are five blocks and embroidery in today's unit! We're going to pick up the numbers we missed in the last unit so don't be concerned about the gap you'll see in the sequence of the numbering when you look at them.


Block 76

When I first looked at this block with all it's peaks and curves I immediately started to think about finding another block to replace it but decided to forge ahead. In the end I'm thrilled with the result. Here's how I constructed it -
Foundation paper piece the four arcs in the block.

Machine baste right next to the seam line on the convex curve edge.

Machine baste within the seam allowance on the concave curve edge. These lines of basting will stabilize the edges of the arcs as you complete the block.


Trim away the excess fabric and paper.

Remove the foundation paper from arcs.

Pin the arc to your background square having the raw edge of the ends 1/4" in from the raw edge of the background square. This will give you a little room to correct any mistakes that might happen in your placement. If you're really brave (or crazy like I am) you can cut your background square at the 9 1/2" unfinished size and just match up the raw edges of the arcs to your square.


You can prep opposite arcs to sew at the same time but I wouldn't try to do all four sides at once.

Applique the convex edge of each arc to the background fabric.

The arcs will butt up against each other at the four corners of the block.

Applique the half melon shapes over the seam allowance of the concave curves on the arcs.

The little dog embroidered on this block is in honor of my beloved Clutch and Brenda and Pete's dog Bailey. Bailey went to doggie heaven this past week at the age of 14. He was a big part of their life and I know you'll join me in sending special thoughts and prayers their way. Bailey is chasing squirrels, no longer in pain and for that we are grateful.

Block 77

I'm not too thrilled with the little buckle in the red triangle in the center of this block. I'll be pulling out the seam ripper today and smoothing out that seam! I must have stretched something. The tree in this block is foundation paper pieced. There just weren't rotary cutting measurements that worked for the block when you set it on point within a 12" square. If you want to make your tree smaller so you can rotary cut the pieces and float it within the 12" block you can surely do that but I'm a "fussy budget" and wanted mine to fit exactly.

Block 78

Here you have the easiest block you'll make in the entire quilt!

Block 87

We've made this block quite a few times during the year.

Block 88

The last block today is a nice easy rotary cut and machine pieced block.

You probably noticed there's quite a bit of embroidery on this set of blocks. You can purchase a set of  Optional Embroidery Designs in the Online Store  if you want to add embroidery to your blocks. There are 15 designs in the set. I took most of my embroidery books back to Grand Rapids when I went home to help Kevin move so I pulled some of today's designs from the Tootsey Quilt. If you like redwork embroidery it's a great pattern with 78 vintage block designs.

I guess that's it for today. I've probably forgotten something so if you have any questions please send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Just Takes 2™ Blocks for November 1 - Click here


Just Takes 2™ Optional Embroidery Designs in Online Store - Click here


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