2013 – Just Takes 2™ Schoolhouse Quilt


It has been so much fun for Brenda and I to see the pictures of your completed Just Takes 2™ quilts from 2012. Those of you who stuck with it though all 100 blocks have made some pretty awesome quilts. You've made us proud! Just because we're moving on to 2013 doesn't mean you should give up on the quilt that was "Just Too Much" or was taking "Just Too Long". Keep stitching away and when you need a break you can make one of the 2013 Just Takes 2™ blocks!

They're quick, easy and oh so cute. We're probably starting you off with one of the more difficult blocks but we know you won't shy away from the challenge!

The fabric requirements and lots of other important information is on the Basic Information Page for the 2013 Schoolhouse Quilt at the Just Takes 2 blog site. We encourage you to post pictures, ask questions and share your progress at Just Takes 2 too.

This is the basic layout for the quilt. There are 20 blocks and just like last year you'll receive one block on the first of the month here at Sentimental Stitches™ and then on the 15th of the month you'll get a block at Dear Jane. Brenda and I both have pages on our web sites for the Just Takes 2 quilts.

This is the master block for the quilt. See that wide open square? That's where you'll be sewing in each of the twenty little quilt blocks you'll be making throughout the rest of this year. You can make the schoolhouses each month as the blocks are presented or you can use the strip piecing instructions and have them ready and waiting for each little block that comes out.

This is Block 1 set inside the schoolhouse!

As you can see there are two shades of red used in the block. A red solid and a lighter red print. This won't be the case in every block but it does happen in quite a few of the blocks so if you wanted to add a third color to the design you could.

Here's a few color combinations to consider. The possibilities are endless!
I guess it's time to get started. Things are pretty much the same as last year. Blocks are available free for one month from the date they're posted. After that time they can be purchased HERE in the online store. There's bound to be something we've forgotten to share with you so please email us if you have any questions and we'll do our best to help. It's a busy weekend but I'll try to do a tutorial for you on the construction of the house block next week.

Just Takes 2™ Schoolhouse Quilt
Block 1 - Click here


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