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I don't know why I leave most of my packing until the last minute but I do! I'm leaving in the morning for the Spring Dear Jane Retreat in Shipshewana. If you've been following the blog you probably know how much I look forward to these retreats. It's precious time when I can stitch, go shopping and most important, visit with friends! There's a great group of ladies I've sat with (they know who they are) for a long, long time. I don't know what I'd do without the fun we have as we laugh, tease, encourage, eat pie, shop and yes, we actually do sew a little! What should I take with me?

I could write instructions for something that's already finished but that doesn't sound like fun!

I took this project (for a new pattern) last time and never even touched it.

I have more than one pattern idea that would use these 1930s scraps. Should I take these along?

IMG_2244 There's also a last minute order for Victorian Ladies I want to ship before I leave the office for a week and I've got Zoe stuffed in a tote bag around my neck because she just won't leave me alone. Clutch has already spotted the sewing machine case in the hallway and is determined to crawl inside the minute I unzip the top! Do I sound frazzled? I guess I better admit - just a little! If you've got half a brain you're probably asking why I'm wasting time writing this post instead of finishing my packing?

IMG_9971 It's because I always wish I could take you with me to experience a place like Shipshewana. Until you've been there I'm not sure you can understand what I mean.

IMG_9968 I'll be reporting on all the great things I find on this trip. You can see some of the sights from previous retreats by putting "Shipshewana" in the little search box just above the picture of Clutch and I. It should bring up all my previous posts and videos for you to look through. If you've heard of Shipshe and there's something you'd like to see or hear more about, send me an email and I'll do my best to get it on here for you.

Shipshewana Amish Final Assembly If you have the time and want to "retreat" along with me check out the Shipshewana Amish quilt. The patterns are free and it's a fun project.

Okay...........I've had a little break - I feel better.... Zoe is sleeping in the tote bag ( who knew a Schlep Bag would work as a dog pack ) so I'm going back to my packing and plan to be at Rise 'n Roll Bakery in time for a Cinnamon Caramel Donut and morning coffee. I might stop at Cinnamon Stick in Middlebury followed by JoJo's for a pretzel at lunchtime. A latte' from Kitchen Cupboard should get me through a little shopping at Sarah Davis Ltd. and Lolly's Fabrics before I had over to Rebecca Haarer Art and Antiques. Yoder Department Store is open until 5:30PM so that'll be my late afternoon stop before a dinner of liver 'n onions at Blue Gate Restaurant. Then............I'll collapse into my room at the Farmstead Inn and count my blessings!

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