Just Takes 2™ Schoolhouse Quilt – Block 7


Woohoo!! The first post for 2013 from the cottage! I can hardly believe we're here. Last year the weather warmed up very early and we arrived sooner than usual.
This year the weather was colder than usual and if it weren't for being called in for jury duty we'd still be in Grand Rapids.
IMG_2674 The driveway looks pretty bare.


There's snow is several places around the private drive but we're lucky ours is gone.

IMG_2679 There just isn't much going on anywhere you look.


One thing there's lots of is water! It's the highest I've ever seen it.

Today is also a Just Takes 2 day and there's a new block to add to a schoolhouse. You'll have this one sewn together in no time at all. A few little four patch units and some half square triangles and you'll be done.

IMG_2697a This is Block 7 in the quilt and Brenda said it's called Prairie Queen.

IMG_2700a Can you see those simple little units?

IMG_2692a There's a couple of sweethearts watching over my shoulder as I work on this. They're waiting to get out and enjoy the sunshine. It's going to be almost 80 degrees today. That ought to melt the last of the snow. Since our jury duty was canceled I think we're going to get out there and soak it in. I can clean on a rainy day!

It's May Day today too. To celebrate if you use the discount code MAYDAY during checkout in the Online Store you'll get 25% off any of the digital patterns. If you've missed some of the schoolhouse blocks or want to start on last year's quilt this is the time. Maybe there's another pattern you've wanted to add to your collection. Go ahead and celebrate May Day!

Speaking of last year's quilt, if you haven't seen Barbara Black's version and the beautiful quilting being done by Joyful Quilter, you need to take a minute and check it out! It's wonderful for Brenda and I to see our design translated to cloth in such a beautiful way. Nice job ladies!


Just Takes 2™ Schoolhouse Quilt
Block 7 - Click here


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