Just Takes 2™ Schoolhouse Quilt – Block 8


It's been a crazy busy week for me. I've been to Grand Rapids and celebrated my 35th wedding anniversary, my husband's birthday and Mother's Day. I hate admit how far I am behind with work. I need to catch up the Midget Blocks and fill orders. I did take a few minutes and get the last Sally Post Floral Sampler block posted. I'll leave those blocks up for a couple of weeks yet so get yours before June 1st.

  Here's a look at the car just before I left yesterday. It was packed to the roof with fabric, fabric and more fabric! There were a few clothes in there but it was mostly quilting things for summer work and fun!

The minute I open one of the passenger doors Clutch and Zoe jump in and refuse to get out. They'll sit there as long as it takes for me to load the back. I guess they want to make sure they don't get left behind. We had a nice drive and everything is unloaded. It's not all put away but that can be part of today's project. SPOILER ALERT: The quilt in the basket in front of Clutch is one of the 1930s Wurzburg kit quilts. Believe it or not I'm going to use it a jumping off point for a lap quilt using some of the Kaffe Fassett fabric I packed!


Block 8

Brenda took special time out of her caregiver schedule to put together today's pattern for you. There's not much time for stitching right now. She spends most of her day with her husband at the nursing home. She said it's our prayers that are getting her through all this so please join me in lifting her up with a special prayer.
Today's block is an easy paper pieced block. I don't think we've done any paper piecing yet so I think you'll really enjoy it.


If you've missed any of this year's blocks you can get them in the online store - HERE. The blocks for last year's quilt are on THIS PAGE. I've seen some beautiful quilts made from the Just Takes 2 designs! I hope you find time to take a stitch or two today. If we can do just a little bit each day we'll have a quilt made before we know it.

Just Takes 2™ Schoolhouse Quilt
Block 8 - Click here


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