Just Takes 2™ Schoolhouse Quilt – Block 18


The colors are changing day by day here at the cottage. It's been interesting to watch this year compared to last year. The weather we have during the first part of the year really does effect how the colors change on the leaves when fall comes around. Some of the trees that were the most beautiful last year aren't so pretty this year and others that I didn't even notice before are just brilliant!
red leaves 2013

Isn't this just beautiful?

red leaves 2013The tree looked like this when I came back up north after Rob's Mom's funeral.

driveway guardianJust a few weeks later it's a treasured guardian next to the driveway.

leaves changingIsn't it amazing how quickly the colors can change. These two pictures were taken only 2 weeks apart. I've been taking them every Monday since the end of September. I only have a few more to go before I head home for the winter.

jt2 block 18Today is a Just Takes 2 day and we're on our 18th block in the quilt. I just took a look over at the blog site and couldn't believe no one has posted pictures since May! I have to admit I haven't posted anything since July myself. That's okay, the site will be getting a makeover soon in anticipation of the 2014 Just Takes 2 quilt. Trust me...........you're going to love, love, love it! Brenda and I are making a special trip in a few weeks to take great closeup pictures we'll be able to share with you later. Sorry but that's all the hints I'm giving right now!

just takes 2 block 18This is the block you'll be making. It's rotary cut, machine pieced, quick and easy!

Brenda has a gorgeous block once again and you can see that I've turned mine the wrong way in the house. I'm going with her motto "finished is better than perfect" and leaving it that way. There's a note for everyone about her Pete's Paintbox quilt so head on over........

Just Takes 2™ Schoolhouse Block 18 - Click here to visit Dear Jane


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