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It's with a very heavy heart that I'm posting this month's block. I attended the funeral yesterday of a long time friend and quilter, Barb David. We met many years ago when she signed up for one of the quilting classes I was teaching. Over the years she became one of my biggest supporters and a great friend. I think she signed up for every class I offered and eventually the student became the teacher and she shared her talents with countless quilters, encouraging them and teaching new techniques too. She loved all kinds of handwork, applique, embroidery and Twilling, a unique, beautiful type of hand embroidery. She made more quilts than I'd dare to count and shared them with family, friends and many charities. Four of her quilts were at the funeral. I don't know who selected the quilts or why they chose the ones they did but when I looked at them I couldn't believe my eyes. Hopefully they didn't hear me gasp when I saw them.

Magic Vine full
On the wall to the right was a beautiful crib size quilt made from the Nancy Page Club Magic Vine patterns.

In Love With Applique -c
On the table just to the left of that was a beautifully made little quilt from my In Love with Applique pattern.

3555 Formal Garden To the left was Barb's perfectly hand appliqued, embroidered and quilted Formal Garden quilt made from a two day workshop I did several years ago. Formal Garden was the most popular of the F.A. Wurzburg kit quilts. We held the workshop in one of the Wurburg family homes here in Grand Rapids. Barb's kit was one of only 50 kits we were able to stamp on fabric from the original master pattern. She did a stunning job on her quilt.

Now if all that weren't enough, the Baltimore Album quilt folded across the casket was made from a class I taught at Smith-Owen Sewing Center when I first started teaching many years ago. We all bought a collection of special P&B tone on tone prints for our quilts and a collection of cotton thread for applique. Barb's quilt was nothing less than perfection and a testament to her skill and love of quiltmaking. For me seeing those quilts .........I just don't think I can find the words to express all the emotions I feel. I am humbled and honored to have been part of the life of such a great lady to say the least.

Barb had battled cancer for 18 years and endured countless surgeries and procedures. She handled it all with a graceful spirit I aspire to have. Shortly after the Dream Garden quilt started in January she found out her cancer was back again and this time the news wasn't good. Barb had told another friend how much she loved this quilt but knew she'd never be able to finish it. Thankfully my friend shared the story with me. If you're one of the quilters who went ahead and bought the complete set you already know what the back of the pattern says -

This pattern is dedicated to my friend Barb David who is an inspiration to all who know her for her beautiful quilting, loving heart, gentle spirit and unwavering courage.
June 6, 1942—May 11, 2014

I sadly added the dates to the end of the dedication today. It was a bit comforting to see Barb with her unfinished embroidery in her hands and I truly believe she's teaching the angels Twilling and Redwork - helping them get perfect stitches.

Goodbye dear friend. You will be greatly missed but never forgotten!

You can get today's block on the Dream Garden page - HERE

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