Just Takes 2™ Benjamin Biggs Quilt Block 15


I can't believe we're on Block 15! That means we only have 10 blocks left. You're going to have such a beautiful quilt when you're finished. It makes me wish I'd found a way to keep up on making the blocks myself.

Benjamin Biggs Block 15

Block 15

This is such a delicate block. Makes me think about miniature roses. I think it's interesting the maker used just two prints of the same scale in this block and signed her name on the diagonal. I wonder if the quilters knew how the blocks would be set together - straight set or on point? Makes no difference, it's a beautiful block!

Benjamin Biggs Block 15 center

Elizabeth Cover
Middleburg (Middlburg) Maryland

dimensional rosebud tutorialHave you ever made dimensional flower buds to use on an applique block? This is a perfect block to give them a try. You can find a tutorial HERE.

There's a 15% off discount code - FABRIC - you can use until Monday for any of the in stock fabrics. If you haven't voted for your favorite in the logo contest you can do that here. I need to make a decision on Monday to name 6 finalists.
I'm sure Brenda has something wonderful planned for you today so head over and don't forget to download your block while you're there!


Just Takes 2™ Benjamin Biggs Quilt
Block 15
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  1. Sheila April 9, 2015 at 8:25 pm #

    I can totally understand how you can get side tracked with all that adorable cuteness, and congrats on the latest addition to your family. I am a grandmother for the first time with the girls (first two were boys they are adorable too), but there’s something with our granddaughters or daughters that you have so much stuff that you want to teach them and pass on to them that are part of our heritage and culture. I can’t wait to teach knitting, quilting, sewing and all kinds of things. Take all the time you need life is too short to not slow down and enjoy those babies!

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