Dear Daughter Block of the Month – Blocks 13-16


I have been so excited to bring you this month's blocks. We're taking a little departure from the sweet donuts we've been working on with a few new designs. 

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is to see all the blocks in the Facebook group. You're doing amazing work. I love how each person is putting their own spin on this quilt and making it their own. Great job everyone!

Block 13


This adorable block is signed

Martha L Perry

Fulton Rock Co 


Sweet little flower buds

and perfect circles!

Block 14


This block is signed -

Your sister

Sarah L Randolph

Fulton Rock Co



I must admit, it boggles my mind to think how long ago the year 1850 was and the talent these quilt makers had.

Block 15

This blocks is signed -

Jeremiah Dunham

Piscataway NJ

May 25 1852

Classic applique with stem and leaves all cut from one piece of fabric. Sadly, it's pretty shade of green has faded away. If you've been using broderie perse in your quilt, it could be used for the flowers.

Block 16

This block is signed -

Dear Sister -

When this you see remember me

though many miles as far apart.

When this you see remember me and

bind it to your heart.

R. (unable to read) Ill.

and Ann Elizabeth Ellis Ill.

I headed to the cottage before I finished this post and didn't bring the quilt with me. I'll edit this post to let you know the date at the top arc of this donut when I can look at the quilt again.


There is broderie perse in the four corners of the block.

Here's another angle of the name I can't decipher. I haven't seen a similar name anywhere else on the quilt. I thought about making a list of possibilities and searching to see if I can come up with anything. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment. 

Time to head over and get your blocks. Everything has been working smoothly with the web site but if everyone is trying to get their blocks at the same time you may experience some difficulty. Crossing my fingers and saying a prayer that you'll all breeze right through the process. Click on the link below to get to the and look for the listing for this months blocks. You can purchase the blocks for $0.00 (FREE) until July 1, 2018

Dear Daughter Blocks 13-16



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