Dear Daughter Block of the Month – Blocks 17-20


I thought last month's blocks were pretty great but I'm just as excited about the ones this month. There's a great variety again and I can see lots of ways for you to personalize them to continue making this quilt your own. 

I'm at the lake this week and it's hot so inside at the computer isn't where I want to be. It seems nothing works out quite right when Independence Day lands on a Wednesday. Do you celebrate the weekend before or the weekend after of just the single day in the middle of the week?

The flowers are beautiful this summer but suffering in this heat. I've already watered the pots once today and by afternoon they'll be dry again.

I hope your summer (or winter depending where you live) is allowing for all the stitching time your heart desires. Let's get to day's blocks -


Block 17

This block is signed by Walter G Dunham - Ill. 1850


There's some great applique around this donut making it one of my favorites. 

This sweet cluster is on two of the corners and..........

this one is in the other two. There are simple circles appliqued to the top, bottom and sides of the block. 

Block 18

This block is signed -

May you be happy.

Jane Goodrich Milton

Sweet flower made from what are almost 60 degree diamonds. I love the quilting on this block!

Applique leaves on two corners using a familiar green fabric and..........

a cute little moon at the base of the flower.

Block 19

This block is signed by Daniel and Elizabeth Dunham - Piscataway NJ 1852

A great papercut block stitched in a double pink with a touch of yellow. Cute little diamonds quilted on all four sides.

Block 20

This block is signed -

For my son Maxon

As this block to others

join, think of me. Unions 

in another world. 

Your Father, Ada Dunham

Simple open squares appliqued in red and blue.

Each corner nicely mitered.

Click on the link below to get to the and look for the listing for this months blocks. You can purchase the blocks for $0.00 (FREE) until August  1, 2018


Dear Daughter Blocks 17-20


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