Cheddarback Block of the Month – Month 2


The blocks this month are no April Fool's joke! They are a really fun batch of blocks I know you're going to have a great time stitching together.  Nothing to tricky and sooooo cute!

I've been absolutely blown away by the beautiful blocks being posted in the Facebook Group. Everyone is putting their own unique twist on the blocks and it's so wonderful to see them come together. If you haven't joined the group yet I'd encourage you to do that. 

There's a wonderful article in Quiltmania magazine (Issue 130) about Mark French, an antique quilt dealer in Ohio. I've purchased several quilts from Mark and look what appeared in the Quiltmania article? The Cheddarback quilt! What a cool, unexpected surprise. Thanks Quiltmania and Mark!

Block 6

Here's our big block for this month. I think it's a fantastic block and will be fun to assemble. It's all rotary cut and machine pieced.

I love the mixed use of backgrounds in this block but never would have thought to throw in a flannel. That is really unique to me. I wish I had lots of the cinnamon bubble fabric. It's a great one.


Block 7

This is the first of our small blocks this month. It seems to be the one that scares lots of quilters. When I look at it, it's definitely one I'd have to take my time machine piecing but it's doable. You can always hand piece it. 


I wish I had yard and yards of the sweet shirting used in this block. I'm going to look and see if there's a reproduction print that's similar. There are two black prints used in the block. Watch for that on the pattern.  You'll also see two sets of instructions for this block. One uses templates and reflects the original antique block. The second is a simplified version you can assemble easily.


Block 8

I love this little basket but then I've always been a fan of basket blocks. This one was constructed a little differently than I'm used to so the pattern includes both rotary cutting measurements and templates too. The 45 degree angle on the side pieces can be rotary cut but if you miss the angle by even a little bit your block might not lay flat so I've included the template for that piece so you can make sure you get it right.

Check out these two photos - do you see the difference? That's right, there are two different brown fabrics used in this block. You really have to look twice to see the subtle difference. This quilter was very good at matching values in her fabric substitutions!


Block 9

This is a great, rotary cut block for machine piecing. You'll enjoy making this one.


That melon color print fabric is so adorable. the red print in the center is the same tone of red as the sashing fabric if you're matching colors.

Look at the cute little quilt you could make by putting these blocks together side by side. I like the secondary pinwheel design that is formed. I'd like to play around with the colors on this block to use in a bed size quilt. I'll keep you posted on what I come up with!


Block 10

Here's the easiest block of the group. I'm not sure I would have thought to put together a pink and brown plaid with a black and lavender print but it works magically and this block is a sweetheart.


I guess that's it for this month. Have fun with this group of blocks and I'll get to work on the next set. 


Cheddarback - Month 2 Patterns - CLICK HERE



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