Cheddarback Block of the Month – Month 5


I've got an interesting mix of blocks for you this month. I think you'll find some of them easy and others might give you a pretty good challenge. They gave me more than a challenge or two just drafting them. I shook my head in wonder more than once wishing the quilt maker was here to ask about her construction choices. Let's get right to them -

Block 21

We're starting right out with a block that left me with so many questions. One thing that fascinated me about this block (and Block 25) is the red and blue stripe appears to have been cut from a piece of clothing. You can see the seams running through different pieces in the block. The fabric has a great texture and I wonder if it was a dress or skirt.  The blue stripe in the corners is a finer fabric making me thing it was a blouse or shirt. I also scratched my head over the construction. At first glance at the block doesn't look as complicated as it is. There's actually a ring of diamonds surrounding the center square but you'd never know it by the fabric choices that were made. You can machine or hand piece this block. I've given you as many rotary cutting measurements as I could and templates for the diamonds.

Block 22

What a great mix of fabrics in this block. There's a really interesting pink woven fabric along with a mourning purple and a black print. It's a sweet little block and you'll have it sewn together in no time at all.

Block 23


  It doesn't take a math wizard to realize things don't divide well for a 5" Nine Patch block. Don't worry, we'll still be rotary cutting and machine piecing this little gem. I want you to use a scant 1/4" seam allowance and if your unfinished block doesn't measure 5 1/2" I'm suggesting you use my trick of steaming that baby into submission to get the correct size. Trust me, it'll be fine.

Block 24

Be still my heart! This little schoolhouse block is as sweet as it can be. There are some Y seams but I don't think you'll have too much trouble machine or hand piecing this one. The windows and doors are appliqued on the block after it's constructed. There are templates and also a full size block drawing for placement. The original block was a little "kitty wompus" with it's angles making the shirting strips of the house a little more narrow. I opted to keep things a bit more lined up and think it'll be just as cute.

Block 25

Does this block look familiar? It's almost like one of the blocks from last month. The pretty one with the applique star points. I adapted last months patterns for this block and then realized the star points weren't sewn around a center square. One of them is a long strip with star points on the ends. I didn't go back and redo the pattern. It's an easy fix if you really feel the need to be historically accurate. You can tape your star point templates to opposite sides of the square template to cut one long piece (remember to overlap the templates to allow for the seam allowances).  Just like last time, I'm giving you instructions for an easier version of the block too.

This is the second block this month where seam lines run through the fabric pieces. This time it's in the purple mourning print.  Oh how I'd love to see those clothes!

That's it for this month. Have fun with the blocks!

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