Cheddarback Block of the Month – Month 6


Lily and I made our way back to the cottage yesterday. I really need to thank my lucky stars we made it. I've had some serious computer issues pop up. The kind where you realize your "wonder of technology" is drawing it's last breaths and you pray it hangs on until a new laptop arrives and you figure out how to get it up and running. It took me almost 2 hours to print one pattern yesterday!

That meant we left late, got caught in construction traffic, watched in horror as a driver decided to pass a truck over a double yellow line. Yup, that one was nearly a head on crash at the crest of a hill. What is wrong with people?!? I won't even tell you about my disastrous stop at McDonald's for a coffee or the smashed hamburger buns from the grocery store or........................

This is what's happening to my little house today. Lots of very noisy work for the next few days as they scrape off the old roofs and put in a new one. Believe it or not, this has a quilting connection. When the water was leaking into the living room a few weeks on a Friday afternoon, I was in a panic over who to call for help.  I reached out to a quilting friend for advice. I don't have the words to thank Sharon Kaiser, one of the former owners of the Quilt'n Bee  for her help. She knew just who to call and the service we've received from IRT Commercial Services  has been fantastic on every level. The Quilt'n Bee closed a few months ago but another great quilt shop is now in their old location. Be sure to visit Tawni and her staff, including many of the Quilt'n Bee girls at Interquilten.  No matter where you live, if you're a quilter, you've got friends! Thanks again, Sharon!

Let's talk about the fun blocks we have this month. I think you're going to like them.


Block 26

This block isn't in the antique quilt. It's one I've selected to include in the layout I designed. It'll be at the bottom of the first vertical row.  As I look at this I'm so very tempted to start making blocks and catch up with you. I really do love this quilt!

This is what your first vertical row will look like. Please feel free to select another 12" block for your bottom row if you're not a fan of the one I'm using. It's your quilt - make it your way!

Block 27

Here's a great combination of red and indigo. The indigo print is as cute as can be and the red is flannel. I wonder if it is from a shirt or maybe a pair of long johns, haha. Maybe that's only funny if you're from Michigan. The town of Cedar Springs was dubbed the Red Flannel Town because of the Red Flannel Factory that operated there form 1949 to 1994. They made the best red flannel long johns!

I've given you the traditional method for piecing this block using templates. When I look at the block and think about how to make it I realize one any given day I might be too lazy to make it the traditional way. I would make a pinwheel block and applique the square over the center. Viola - it's done! I put some notes on the pattern for doing that too.

Block 28

I love, love, love this little block. It's a star! It's scrappy and just perfect. 

Look at all the great fabrics in just one 5" block. There are two shirting prints, a red check, blue check and a great maroon center. Have fun picking out fabrics for this one. It's all rotary cut and machine pieced.

Block 29

You'll have this one sewn together in no time at all. The pattern is a combination of template and rotary cutting. There are lots of great linen look fabrics available right now so check them out for the perfect light red to use in this block. The cross pieces are another sweet indigo print.

Block 30

Here's our final block this month. There's a lot going on in this small block. It's a bit unusual and has an interesting use of fabrics. 

The deep gray and brown prints are really great. I consider them texture prints or tone on tone fabrics. The red used for the hearts is the cornerstone fabric and the connector corners on the brown squares is a sweet black print we've see before. This block is a combination of techniques with connector corners, applique and traditional piecing. 


Ella Maria Deacon Quilt

That's it for this month except for some news I want to share with all of you applique lovers. Has anyone missed having an applique project to work on? I admit, I have and was trying to hold off for the next quilt in my collection until Barbara Brackman  suggested I work on a quilt she posted to the Quilts-Vintage and Antique  group on Facebook. I've admired Barbara for a long time and was so flattered by her suggestion. I've loved this quilt for a long, long time but there are extra hoops you need to jump through when working on a quilt you don't own so those usually get put toward the bottom of my bucket list.

This quilt is just stunning and has so many interesting blocks. It's in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago which is only a few hours from where I live when in Grand Rapids. The museum has been very nice to work with, quick to respond, and I have the necessary arrangements in place to let you know I've set September 15 as the starting date for this project. I'm working on a full post for the blog which should be up before the end of the week unless my current laptop dies and I have trouble getting the new one going. It'll let you see some of the fabrics up close so you can begin your searches. I am tempted to approach one of the fabric manufacturers about working together on this quilt. There's a nice variety of fabrics in the quilt and I know we'd all love to find the perfect setting and sashing fabric.  I've created an Ella Maria Deacon Quilt Facebook group for those who want to follow along on this quilt. I'll make a trip to the museum in a few months for an audience with the Ella Maria Deacon Quilt and should be able to bring a photographer with me for some great detail photos.      More information to come........................



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