Cheddarback Block of the Month – Month 10


Wow! What a difference a day can make. I went to bed and heard thunder and saw lightening during the night and never imagined .............................

my back yard would look like a winter wonderland! It is still beautiful 8 hours later and the dogs have been having a great time playing in it. It's not very cold out but that snow sure is wet and heavy. A good day for quilting!

Block 39

We have a purple mourning print, a chocolate brown print and a blue and white shirting print in this block.

The quilter took care to get the stripes in the right places when she pieced together the center squares of the block.

There a seam running through one of the squares which makes me wonder........did she sew the two pieces together or was the square cut from a blouse or shirt? The fabric feels like it could have been either or even a summer dress. We can only guess.

Block 40

This block has a sweet, homespun pink and white check along with two black prints. The pattern only lists one black fabric but you can select a second one for the center square if you like. I'll admit, this one tested my patience when it came to drafting and I have a feeling it'll test yours when you hand piece this block. Those little slivers between the pink petals are what makes the block, but they are tiny buggers.

Block 41

This block isn't difficult but it's oh so fun. The main part of the block is pieced and then fussy cut something special to applique in the center of the block!

Block 42

This is my choice for our Block 42. It's a fun little basket that's easy to construct and will look nice in the quilt along with the other blocks.

Block 43

Nothing difficult about this block but look at that teal fabric and the black one too. I recognized them both as soon as I saw them. I have reproductions of both of those.

This one is like the teal print and oh, so old. I used it in my Simple Summer Sampler quilt and wish I had more. I don't know the manufacturer. My gut tells me it might be an old Pilgrim/Roy print but I'm not sure.  The black print is at the cottage with a hand piecing project so I can't tell you anything about that one either. 

Speaking of the cottage - we seem to be the new party house. Every afternoon for the last few days a group of at least 100 ducks travel up from the water through the front yard and graze on the hill at the edge of the woods and then make their way back down to the water after a little while. I'm not sure what kind of mess they're making but it's kind of interesting to watch.

One more thing............I was asked for close up pictures of the fabrics used in the letters on the quilt so here are some pictures of them for your reference.

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