Ella Maria Deacon Quilt – Month 4


I've been presenting block of the month patterns for a long, long time and have a system I'm really comfortable with. This month things somehow went very wrong. I've never had a file be perfectly fine when I closed it and suddenly no longer open because it's corrupt. How in the world does that happen??? I'm going to do some research on that with my tech adviser to try and figure it out so I can hopefully make sure it doesn't happen again. 

I know I told everyone in the Facebook group I wasn't going to spend my Sunday redrafting the patterns but what if we aren't able to fix the corrupt file? What if it takes several days and we're still stuck?

Christmas is fast approaching and I need to finish decorating the tree beyond Lily and Gracie's squirrel who is popping out and making us look like we're in the middle of a National Lampoon Christmas! I just didn't want unfinished patterns on my mind so I started over yesterday afternoon. This month's blocks are doozies and I won't tell you how long I worked last night or what time I got up this morning but I am happy to say they're ready so let's get this show on the road!

Block 13

attributed to: Hannah S. Horner / Jobstown

All of the circles in this block are going to make your head spin. I imagine it was hand pieced and then a signature square appliqued in the center. If you'd like to tackle it that way, you have my prayers and best wishes. The thought of that was more than I could take, so I'm going with applique and here's how I'm going to do it.

  • Applique the blue corners in position.
  • Cut a complete ring (or circle) of background fabric and applique the pink flowers at 12 - 3 - 6 and 9. Applique the outer edge of the ring over the blue corners.
  • Cut a complete ring of green print and applique the background color stems at 12 - 3 - 6 and 9. Applique the outer edge of the ring over the background ring.
  • Are you following me?
  • Applique the red print and center square on the last background circle and then applique it to the center of your block to finish.  No small feat!

Block 14

attributed to: Elizabeth H.(?) Coles

This block is not as easy as it looks at first glance. We're using a combination of hand piecing and applique for it's construction. It's detailed on your pattern sheet. Templates have been provided but some of the pieces could be rotary cut and I've noted that for you. 

Block 15

attributed to: Abigail Deacon

I love this block but sadly it's a five patch and with all of those pieces I don't think we can fudge the seams enough to get good results so it's presented as a foundation paper piecing pattern. The cutting instructions have oversized pieces so once you have things cut out you're ready to go. 


Block 16

attributed to: Memorys Tribute / S.A.H.  Deacon

A classic applique block but oh what a challenge this one will be. You're going to be experts at perfect circles and look at all those leaves...............with all those little fingers!!! Slow and steady when working on this one and you'll get there. 


Thank you all for your patience with the blocks being late. I'll do my best to make sure we don't have that problem again but with technology you never know. 

I'd also like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkuh! I hope your days are filled with family, friends, good health and lots of love. We'll be back together in 2020 for more quilty fun. 

May God bless you all!


Ella Maria Deacon Quilt - Month 4



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