Cheddarback Block of the Month – Month 12


Hello everyone! I'm in Shipshewana, Indiana this week hosting the quilt retreat. It's the Pajama Sale throughout the entire town tomorrow so I'm posting this month's patterns early. The shopping is too good to pass up although I'm not sure I'll be up at 6 am for some of the best deals. Let's get right to our Cheddarback blocks!

I've got to tell you - it's not very often I encounter a block where I finally gave up trying to draft it and go with a simplified version. The graphic designer wasn't available so if there's someone out there who wants to give this block a try I'll be the first person to encourage you. The pattern is called The Venetian and I opted to use the version from BlockBase.

Block 49

The fabrics used are the same red as the sashing fabric and a textured blue shirt stripe. It's a pretty block but I'm happy with the simplified version.

Block 50

An easy block but you'll have to foundation paper piece this one because of the math. It's just three strips so it shouldn't give you much trouble. The fabrics are a pretty brown print, a blue and white shirting and............the same textured blue used in Block 49. This makes me wonder if the group of block was made by our quilter at nearly the same time. 

Block 51

Don't cry but this is another foundation paper pieced block. It's all in one piece and I've given you cutting measurements. 

I love the pink print and the brown print. They're both classics I wish I had yards and yards of.

Block 52

Here's our first rotary cut machine pieced block this month!!! As much as I love basket blocks, this one is not the prettiest I've ever seen. The little 1" half square triangles are cute and I love the print print but the green stripe seems to overpower the small pieces in my humble opinion. 

Block 53

Our last block is your easy, peasy, rotary cut, machine pieced block of the month. The fabrics are the same as those in Block 50 which is another reason I think this group of blocks were made at almost the same time.


That's it for February!



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Cheddarback - Month 12 Patterns - CLICK HERE

Optional Block 49 Templates for Hand or Machine Piecing - CLICK HERE


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