Ella Maria Deacon Quilt – Month 7


As I sit down to write this post I never imagined the entire United States would be facing the horrific health challenge that seems to have only just begun. As someone over the age of 60 we're taking this seriously at my house but not in a panic. We're trying to be smart and prepared. I pray each and every one of you will weather this storm and stay healthy. Let's stitch and stitch some more. I've created some of my best design during times of great challenge and I've got a set of challenging blocks for you this month.

Block 25

Attributed to: Sarah Kemble

I'm going to use individual pieces for the red print spokes on this sunny block and try to cut one single piece of the yellow for the inner group.

Block 26

Attributed to: Anna W Coles / N Jersey

This is probably the easiest block in the group and I really like this one. The way the two applique pieces meet you end up with a ring of petal shapes of background showing through.

Block 28

Attributed to: Sarah Ann Kemble

I'd proceed with caution with this block. There are some little diamonds in there. Double check your seam allowance if you're going to machine piece this block so it comes out the right size. I would probably hand piece this block but I love hand work. I look forward to seeing what everyone does.

Block 28

Attributed to: Mary S Haines

Spend some time with your stash and pick out the perfect fabrics to stitch this broderie perse wreath. This is a magnificent block with so many possibilities. Take your time and have fun with this one. 


Until next month.....................


Ella Maria Deacon Quilt - Month 7



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