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Shipshewana Amish Mystery Quilt

This is a mystery quilt. The blocks may not be posted every month so be sure to sign up for to receive the newsletter because I'll be sending a reminder to let you know when one is there.

The quilt is a lap size quilt with a combination of pieced and applique blocks. They won't all be the same size. I'll be using traditional Amish solid color fabrics reflective of the Amish communities in the Midwest section of the United States. Did you know they are different from those who live in Pennsylvania?
I've come to greatly love and respect the Amish (and the English) who call this area home. Each block will reflect something special that has touched my heart and hopefully will touch yours while giving you a better understanding of the community.

All sections have been posted.

Click on the text under the small illustrations for the pattern file to open

Shipshewana Amish Final Assembly


Shipshewana Amish Layout Section 1

Section 1

Shipshewana Amish Section 2
Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Section 5

Section 6

Section 7

Section 8

Section 9

Section 10

Section 11

Section 12

Section 13

Section 14

Section 15

Section 16

Final Assembly Instructions

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June Block of the Month & Shipshewana Amish Pattern

Clutch and I have been in Traverse City since May 20th. The days just seem to fly by. We've had hot weather, cool weather and a little bit of rain. There's been a bit of excitement with the furnace and plumbing acting up but it's all worth it. I'm just grateful to be here. I can't speak for Clutch who is hiding under a couple of quilts and glued to my body because it's a chilly morning.

I added this month's Sally Post Floral Sampler block which is one of my favorites because it's a water lily just like we have on the lake here at the cottage. I hope you enjoy making this block.

This month's Beyond The Cherry Trees block is a bit of a mystery. See the little red dot in the picture? It's actually a tiny appliqued circle!

And that circle is a perfect little eye. You can see what looks like quilting showing the shape of the bird.

Closer inspection shows not only the quilting lines but also the applique stitches that once secured the fabric chosen for the bird. All that remains are a few little threads in the tail area. There isn't enough for me to determine what the fabric might have been. Looking at the other fabrics which have broken down in the quilt our options are green, yellow, cream or purple. I'll let you decide which one you'd like to use in your block. I'm tempted to use the purple to balance the purple fabric used in the grape vine block (we haven't done that one yet).

I've been working on other projects too. Sometimes Clutch gets pretty frustrated with all that stitching and puts up his own blockade of sorts - right on top of the pins and needles!

Here he is looking mighty disgusted on top of the quilt I was working on for baby Olivia in my Kenny Chesney "old blue chair". What a guy!

Now I don't want anyone to drop their laptop or fall off their chair but..............I've finished the design work on the Shipshewana Amish Mystery Quilt. I uploaded Section 8 this morning and will try to finish the rest of the pattern instructions over the next week uploading them as I get them done. I brought a small basket of Amish solid color fabrics with me so I'm working on the blocks too. As soon as I'm sure I won't be tweaking the remaining sections I'll post a picture of the whole quilt. Hopefully you'll think it was worth the long wait. I am pleased with how it's turning out.

More news later about the second line of fabric "Lady Grace" that was released as Quilt Market in Minneapolis, MN and three new patterns to go along with it. Right now I've got to crack the whip and get back to the Shipshewana Amish patterns.

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Shipshewana Amish Quilt & Retreat Report

Good Morning, or should I say nearly afternoon. I stayed up way too late last night and it's nearly 11am. I have one block set of my 3" exchange squares (remember those from the last retreat) to finish and I'm not going to leave the building until they're done. Despite my occasional appearance of chaos I do take my commitments very seriously and besides those blocks are too darn cute. No pictures this morning but I give you an update either later tonight and in the morning. It's supposed to be 67 degrees here but with really strong gusty winds. I put on my hairspray helmet but am really not worried about having a bad hair day. Too much fabric to think about. I have my shopping list of necessities (wants would be a better description) and after several discussions on the appropriate colors for the Shipshewana Amish Mystery quilt, I think we've finally come to a consensus on the background choice. I know I said it would be black but we're talking Indiana Amish her so we have to step outside our comfort zone and look at the world through their eyes. I have been keeping a list of the color names I'm selecting for the project. They are all Kona Cottons which I won't be happy appliquéing with but I wanted to be consistent in an available line of fabric for everyone in case you have pieces in your stash or don't want to purchase a kit.

There have been a few 3 am sewing nights and I've seen some of the cutest Sew So Easy Schlep Bags coming together. My friend Nancee made one she wasn't too sure she liked but we all thought is was really cool. I'll see if she'll let me take a picture of it. She had a diamond fabric for the bottom section and worked really hard making the shapes come together nicely. I have my two quilts for show and tell in a Sew So Easy Bag. How cool is that? Two bed size quilts fit in one.

Gotta go.

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