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Nancy Page Club Magic Vine Quilt

This is one of my favorite applique quilt designs. It appeared in newspapers around the country beginning in 1931. The flower vines are constructed block by block which makes them easier to applique. While the original series was a weekly project, I'll be posting the blocks monthly. Next month I'll post the border design so you can work on those strips while making the blocks.The finished quilt will measure 90" x 108" if you add all of the suggested borders. You'll receive the quilt layout in the Beginning of the Quilt pattern.
I suggest purchasing a minimum of 8 yards for your background fabric. I'm using two shades of green as suggested and recommend purchasing 2 yards of each color. The rest of the fabrics you can probably pull from your scrap basket.

Nancy Page Club Magic Vine Quilt

Beginning of the Quilt

Block 1: Evening Primrose

Block 2: Leaf Pattern

Block 3: The Arrowhead

Block 4: The Phlox

Block 5: The Trillium

Block 6: Blue Eyed Grass

Block 7: The Milkwort

Block 8: Downy Gentian

Block 9: False Beech Drop

Block 10: Bouncing Bet

Block 11: Morning Glory

Block 12: Wild Rose

Block 13: Shooting Star

Block 14: Poppy

Block 15: Tulip

Block 16: Cosmos

Block 17: Bluebell

Block 18: Zinnia

Block 19: Pansy

Block 20: Tiger Lily
Block 21: Forget-Me-Not

Block 22: Nasturtium

Block 23: Buttercup

Block 24: Finishing Borders

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