State Fair Sampler


State Fair Sampler
Based on an antique quilt that won Second prize at the Ohio State Fair and Fourth prize at the Central States Exhibition held during the early 1900s, this is sure to be a treasure when completed.

56 six inch pieced blocks. Even though this is listed as a Block of the Month, if I had to take almost 5 years to make this quilt I'd never get there. I'm going to post 4 blocks each month and that way you can be done is just over a year.

This quilt is was originally a two-color quilt, some of my husband's favorites. I have yards and yards of a beautiful red rose tone-on-tone print. I"m going to use that with one of my favorite background, the Snowhite solid we have in the online store. Just because I'm using two colors, doesn't mean you have to. This would be really cool in Civil War reproductions, 1930s reproductions,hand dyed fabrics or sparkling batiks! No matter what you choose, you can't go wrong. I'll tell you the easiest way to piece the blocks so they'll be problem free.

The finished size of the quilt is 67" x 75". You'll need to purchase 7 1/2 yards of a background/sashing fabric of your choice. If you're going to make a two color quilt I suggest buying 8 yards of your color

Click on the the text under each little quilt to download that group of blocks. This was a free block of the month during 2007. Blocks were available for one year from the time they were posted. Retired block sets can be purchased. If a set is retired, the link will take you to the State Fair Sampler pattern page in the Online Store.

State Fair Sampler

State Fair Sampler Blocks 1-4

Blocks 1-4

State Fair Sampler Blocks 5-8

Blocks 5-8

State Fair Sampler Blocks 9-12

Blocks 9-12

State Fair Sampler 13-16

Blocks 13-16

State Fair Sampler Blocks 17-20

Blocks 17-20

State Fair Sampler Blocks 21 - 24

Blocks 21-24

State Fair Blocks 25-28

Blocks 25-28

State Fair Blocks 29-32

Blocks 29-32

Midget Blocks 32-36

Blocks 33-36

State Fair Sampler 37-40

Blocks 37-38
Blocks 39-40

State Fair Blocks 41-44

Blocks 41 - 44

State Fair Sampler Blocks 45-48

Blocks 45 - 48

State Fair Sampler Blocks 49-52

Blocks 49-52

State Fair Sampler

Blocks 53 - 55

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