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One of our fellow quilters, Niki Armacost, has done some fantastic research on Laura and her family. I decided it deserved it's very own page on the web site so you could refer to it whenever you want. I don't know how to thank Niki for all her time and hard work in finding the historical documents she did. I would never have been able to do what she has done. Niki, your contributions to the history of the quilt are amazing and there aren't words to express my gratitude to you for all you've done. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Niki's information as she sent it to me -

Laura's parents Hannah and Abraham Ackerman were among the founding families of Beaver Dam Wisconsin. They had 12 children and Laura was #9 - many of their children died young.

Laura's mother Hannah Ackerman was born Hannah Jersey on on Feb. 5, 1806 and died on Jan. 2, 1876 see:HERE

Hannah married Abraham Ackerman (born Jun. 22, 1804 in New York and died Mar. 9, 1867 Beaver Dam Wisconsin) see:HERE

Hannah's mother Mary Jersey was born Maria DeClark on 24 Sep, 1777, baptized on 5 Oct 1777 Clarkstown Ref C, and died in 1834) she married Jacobus Jersey on 28 March 1805 at the Tappan Reform Church in NY

Laura's mother's cousin - Sally Ann de Clark Stultz who migrated to Beaver Dam with the Ackerman family, her husband Henry Stultz and their children Harriet Jane, Virgina, Leah and Mary. Their son George was the first white boy born in Beaver Dam.

By chance this summer I (Niki) drove from New York where I live to International Falls MN to pick up my son who was at Camp Kooch-i-Ching and I decided to drive past Beaver Dam Wisconsin as it was more or less on my way. When I was there I stopped by the historical society and copied the attached items that I thought you might find interesting. I was told that the "Family Record" documents that are in long hand came from a family bible. On the births record document it lists 12 Ackerman children with Laura as #9. On the death record document the first 4 people are the parents of Abraham and Hannah, then 6 children are listed. I cannot imagine how Hannah coped losing so many children when they were young ... In the memo note it says they emigrated with 8 children from New York in 1841.

Abraham Ackerman Family Marriage and Birth Record

Abraham Ackerman Death Record

Ackerman Family Portraits 1

Ackerman Family Portraits 2

Pioneer history: a sketch of the life and character of Abram Ackerman, as connected with the early history of the city of Beaver Dam.

The connections between 1857 Album Quilt and The Houseman Quilt

The names Houseman and Demarest (not Demorest) as well as Van Tassell, Van Winkle, Browers, Blauvet, Post and Stevens are all names associated with the Ackerman and De Clark families. These people, all of Dutch descent and their families histories were interwoven! Here's our proof the 1857 Album Quilt and the Houseman Quilt are linked together!
These 2 links may relate to people mentioned on the Houseman quilt ....
Euphemia Demarest Ackerman (daughter of John Demarest)
Also see THIS

That's all as of October 2016. More information will be added as it becomes available.

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