Pressing & Seams


Pressing and Seams

  • When pressing the seams in your quilt block or border strips, lay the piece on the ironing board with the allowance facing the direction you want it to be pressed and press the seam flat first, the way it was sewn. This sinks the thread into the fabric. You’ll be able to flip over the top piece and achieve a nice crisp seam.
  • To save tiime and save on thread, cut a piece of scrap fabric approximately 1" x 2" and sew over it when you come to the end of a seam and cut your thread just behind this piece. When you are chain stitching a group of sections you won't have to cut the thread each time you come to the end of a group.
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  • It's a real back saver to have your sewing machine tilted toward you when it sits on a table and is not in a sewing machine cabinet. If you don't have a Tilt-a-Table for your machine, I use 2 rubber wedge shaped doorstoppers behind my sewing machine to tilt it forward. It will save your back and it's so much easier to sew when you can see where you're sewing.
  • I do a lot of paper piecing. Although it doesn't do much for my waistline, but to help speed the process along, I keep a small ironing mat and a small travel iron next to my sewing machine for pressing. I bought my iron for $1.99 on ebay. My favorite - Black & Decker Stowaway.
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