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Just Takes 2 Schoolhouse Quilt

Posted by in on 11-17-13

Just Takes 2 Schoolhouse Quilt

Here’s the finished top of my version of the 2013 JT2 Schoolhouse quilt! I had some decisions to make when ready to assemble the quilt…if I used the floral fabric as both the horizontal and vertical sashing, it was just too busy. If I used white as the horizontal sashing, it seemed to cut off the sky above the houses, but I liked how the houses seemed to sit on the white. So, I split the difference and made the horizontal sashing both white and floral. Then I realized that it wasn’t the best decision to make the flying geese in the brown! They were too dark and overwhelming, so I put them on just two sides of the quilt.

Thank you Brenda and Gay for another wonderful quilt! Looking forward to 2014 🙂


  1. Very nice.I love your border variation.

  2. Thuis is beautiful. Great design on the border.

  3. This is so beautiful, I like your border.

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