Polka Dot Garden Series


The Polka Dot Garden is a series of projects that touch my heart and feed my hunger for all things polka dot. Some will be large, some small, some quilts, some not. I promise they'll all be fun! I've been collecting polka dot fabrics for a long time and there seems to be more and more of them available. I find I like to add stripes and checks to the dots so I'm collecting them too. Not every project will be made from only polka dot fabric but if I keep collecting that just might happen!

The first project is a block of the month quilt Beyond The Cherry Trees. It's a Block of the Month beginning in Sept. 2009. Each block will be available free online for one month and then retired to the Online Store for purchase. Blocks will be posted by the 10th of each month.

Our second project is the Corsage Bouquet applique quilt from the early 1900s. You can make your own version of this great antique quilt. The design is one of my treasured antique kit quilt designs from the Wurzburg Company. Instructions are for the full size quilt but I've included a lap size for you too.

Corsage Bouquet No. 3597 Kit Quilt

You can download the pattern HERE

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