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To request Sentimental Stitches written permission to use the materials for any prohibited purpose, please use our “email Gay, Clutch and Zoe link” or write to Sentimental Stitches, 4759 Boyd Ave NE, Grand Rapids MI 49525. Please note that Sentimental Stitches is not obliged to give you any such permission.

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You are automatically granted permission to create an unlimited number of links to content within the Sentimental Stitches web site, this includes deep linking (i.e. linking directly to an internal page bypassing the home page). Please ensure that your link accurately describes the content being linked to. However, whilst Sentimental Stitches makes every effort not to break URLs some site reorganization is occasionally required, Sentimental Stitches therefore reserves the right to change page titles and or URLs at any time without prior notification.

Other than the Sentimental Stitches news feeds Sentimental Stitches does not permit the framing or inlining of any of its content (except by search engines), each page must be displayed in full. An explanation of framing and inlining is available from NOLO.

This Web site and its contents contain intellectual property copyright materials and works belonging to Gay Bomers and/or Sentimental Stitches. All text and images on this Web site are protected by internationally recognized laws of copyright and intellectual property.

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