Quarter Square Triangles


There are several ways to construct quarter square triangles including the good old fashion way of making templates but this rotary cut, quick sew method is my favorite. I find it to be an accurate and easy way of dealing with all the bias edges when sewing quarter square triangles.

  • Measure the finished size of the square section you make a quarter square triangle unit for within your quilt block.
  • Add 1 1/4" to that measurement and cut a square in that size from the two fabrics you'll be using in that section.
  • For a 3" finished size quarter square unit; cut your squares 4 1/4".

Referring to the instructions for Half Square Triangles, use your squares to make two half square triangles.

On the wrong side of one of your half square triangles draw a diagonal line from corner to corner, placing it perpendicular to the seam in your half square triangle.

Pin the two half square triangles, right side together, with contrasting fabrics facing each other as pictured. The seams of your half square triangles should match up nicely.

Sew 1/4" from the marked line on each side.

Cut on the drawn line.

Press seams to one side.

There are two pretty perfect quarter square triangle units.

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