Dear Daughter Block of the Month – Blocks 29 – 32


We have a nice group of blocks this week - 

Block 29

For My Sister S

Martha Jane Dunham




Block 30

Veisiah Titsworth

Piscataway NJ

May 25 1852

Block 31

Harriet June Randolph


Rock County


Block 32

Rachel Dunham

Plainfield NJ

May 25 1852

This block is pieced and the leaves appliqued on the rectangles.


I guess that's all I can think of for this month. Click on the link below to get to the and look for the listing for this months blocks. You can purchase the blocks for $0.00 (FREE) until November 1, 2018


Dear Daughter Blocks 29 - 32




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Dear Daughter Block of the Month – Blocks 25 – 28


Hello everyone! We had a cool morning today so I know September is arriving tomorrow and the color change of the leaves isn't far off. It's also a holiday weekend so there is family coming and going over the next couple of days. We're all trying to squeeze the last little bit from summer than we can.

With fall approaching, it's time to think about the November Shipshewana Quilt Retreat. This year you have the opportunity to take classes from a world renowned teacher - Margaret Sampson George. I can't wait to take one of her classes. I have a feeling I'll look at my quilting in a totally different way after taking the class. The Friday class is sold out but there is still room in the Thursday and Saturday classes. Margaret will also be presenting a lecture on Friday evening. Use the links in this paragraph to read more about the retreat and classes.

I have to begin thinking about next year's quilt. Do we want to do another applique quilt or would you like a break from the hand stitching and work on a patchwork quilt? How about a year of 1930s quilts based on my family history in quilting? I am happy to do either and admit I'll be forced to do the family history stuff soon. I'm not getting any younger and I don't want to start forgetting what needs to be documents. Maybe if I start early we could do more than one thing.  Please leave me a comment  here or email me to let me know what you'd prefer.

I have 4 more Dear Daughter blocks for you today. As I was taking the photographs I couldn't help but notice that some of the prettiest blocks are in the last half of this quilt. I think you're going to really enjoy each one as we finish this project.

Block 25

Ann F Randolph

St Market St Tr (? I'm not sure about this. Any ideas?)

Peased in Wisconsin

Fulton Co 1850

This is similar to one of the earlier blocks but the flower faces to the right. I really like the way this one was done and the way it was quilted.

Block 26

Your Brother

Barzillai F Randolph

Fulton Rock Co



I'm smitten with this block. I'd love to make an entire quilt of this one setting them together right next to each other. I think we can be pretty sure what looks like tan fabric was originally green. 

Block 27

Elizabeth Dunham

Piscataway NJ


Block 28

Martin H Barned



Here's another donut with some great broderie perse. It seems we have three blocks this time where the green fabric has faded to tan. 

I guess that's all I can think of for this month. Click on the link below to get to the and look for the listing for this months blocks. You can purchase the blocks for $0.00 (FREE) until October 1, 2018


Dear Daughter Blocks 25 - 28


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Dear Daughter Block of the Month – Blocks 21 – 24


Hello everyone! This is one of those months when I have mixed feelings about the blocks. Three of them are almost the same but they are very important blocks within the quilt. Two of them were made by Sarah's parents and have such loving sentiments for their daughter as she begins a new chapter in her life. 

Block 21

Block 21 was lovingly made to honor Gertrude Dunham who passed away in 1848 and make sure she was included in this special quilt for Sarah. You can tell from the verse on the block that Gertrude was treasured by her family. 


Prepared for my Mother, who died Dec 31, 1848.

Brothers and Sister:

Let us ever remember. Remember the walk of a pious Mother.

Marvin Dunham


Block 22

To Sarah one of my dear daughters -

Pray without ceasing and regard the words of your Mother. 

From your Father James A Dunham

Ill Fulton Co 1850


All of the bands on these blocks were appliqued on a background square with the corners mitered as the strips were sewn down. Some of you are piecing these blocks and they look wonderful. I think either technique is appropriate. 

Block 23

This block is your key to the title I selected.

Dear Daughter.........

Dear Daughter

When you think of us away

When your thought to Illinois stray,

When in prayer, you bend the knee,

Then Dear daughter, Remember me!

From your Mother Sarah Dunham

Ill. Fulton Co. 1850

We get so used to our "connected" world I don't think we can fully imagine who far the distance between New Jersey and Illinois must have seemed in 1850. I'm so lucky as a mother to have my children close to me. We're struggling with the thought of retiring just two hours away so my heart goes out to all those mothers of the past who watched their children marry and go across the United States to build a life in unknown places.


Block 24

Runyon Blackford

87 years of age


I love this block! It's just as sweet as can be and I can see an entire quilt using different prints for the red to make it scrappy and more interesting. I even like the little leaves quilted on each side. I can't help but be puzzled by the date of 1852 - why was this block not dated in 1850 like so many others. Was the quilt not quilted until 1852 or was it made in 1850 and some of the blocks signed later. Oh, the mysteries of antique quilts. If they could only talk!!!

That's it for this month's blocks. I hope you'll enjoy them and if you want to skip some of the square donuts blocks you can always use a few from the alternate block set.

Click on the link below to get to the and look for the listing for this months blocks. You can purchase the blocks for $0.00 (FREE) until September 1, 2018


Dear Daughter Blocks 21 - 24


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