Shipshewana Amish Quilt & Retreat Report


Good Morning, or should I say nearly afternoon. I stayed up way too late last night and it's nearly 11am. I have one block set of my 3" exchange squares (remember those from the last retreat) to finish and I'm not going to leave the building until they're done. Despite my occasional appearance of chaos I do take my commitments very seriously and besides those blocks are too darn cute. No pictures this morning but I give you an update either later tonight and in the morning. It's supposed to be 67 degrees here but with really strong gusty winds. I put on my hairspray helmet but am really not worried about having a bad hair day. Too much fabric to think about. I have my shopping list of necessities (wants would be a better description) and after several discussions on the appropriate colors for the Shipshewana Amish Mystery quilt, I think we've finally come to a consensus on the background choice. I know I said it would be black but we're talking Indiana Amish her so we have to step outside our comfort zone and look at the world through their eyes. I have been keeping a list of the color names I'm selecting for the project. They are all Kona Cottons which I won't be happy appliquéing with but I wanted to be consistent in an available line of fabric for everyone in case you have pieces in your stash or don't want to purchase a kit.

There have been a few 3 am sewing nights and I've seen some of the cutest Sew So Easy Schlep Bags coming together. My friend Nancee made one she wasn't too sure she liked but we all thought is was really cool. I'll see if she'll let me take a picture of it. She had a diamond fabric for the bottom section and worked really hard making the shapes come together nicely. I have my two quilts for show and tell in a Sew So Easy Bag. How cool is that? Two bed size quilts fit in one.

Gotta go.

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