Memorial Day Weekend Tradition


For as long as I can remember the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend was dedicated to the Indianapolis 500. Growing up we watched television here at the lake via the old fashioned antenna. We did have one of those fancy dials inside the house you could turn to move the antenna and picked up the NBC and CBS channels without much trouble. The Sunday morning of Memorial Day weekend was spent with Rob and my brother Paul on the roof, me inside watching the television and Daddy supervising the project. It was our job to somehow get the antenna to pick up the ABC channel televising the race. The picture was never perfect and we usually had the radio tuned in for outside listening but it was the highlight of the weekend. No matter how much we begged, Dad would never hook up to cable service when it was available.

Indy ticket

For many years the guys would pile in the motor home and travel to the time trials the weekend before the race. Our son Paul's first motor home trip was to the time trials. He slept in the bathtub as we motored down the road and that was the weekend he learned to "kiss the baby in the mirror". He'd stand on the couch in the motor home and seeing his reflection in the mirror he just had to kiss the baby. The first time I left him home overnight was to go to the race itself. It's an experience (and sunburn) I'll never forget. You can't imagine what goes on during the night before the race in the infield! It was always Daddy's treat and something I know he looked forward to every year.
I'll be watching the race today on cable tv with access to the internet to check on anything I missed or want to watch again. I wonder what Daddy would think about that? Even I feel a little melancholy and miss those days at times.


As for who I'd like to see win the race - I'm rooting for Danica Patrick. I've always loved fast cars and admire her determination in following her dream.

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