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Just Takes 2™ Schoolhouse Quilt – Block 15

It’s a busy Labor Day holiday weekend here at the cottage so this is going to be short and sweet. The weather today was wonderful and we’re enjoying the last hurrah of summer. Clutch and Zoe went with us for a boat ride tonight. We stayed on the lake until dark. I forgot to show […]

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Just Takes 2™ Schoolhouse Quilt – Block 8

It’s been a crazy busy week for me. I’ve been to Grand Rapids and celebrated my 35th wedding anniversary, my husband’s birthday and Mother’s Day. I hate admit how far I am behind with work. I need to catch up the Midget Blocks and fill orders. I did take a few minutes and get the […]

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Just Takes 2™ Schoolhouse Quilt – Block 4

“I get by with a little help from my friends” – remember that line from the Beatles song? Today is one of those days when Brenda needs a little help and as the other half of Just Takes 2 I’m happy to oblige. Earlier this week she tripped over a cardboard box and broke her […]

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