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Midget Mania – Block 2 (aka Midget Block 94)

Clutch and I got up bright and early. Well, I got up bright and early while Clutch was in no way ready to face the day even with the morning sun shining on him. This block will take a bit of time to put together. I think I’ll hand piece mine. If you want a […]

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Midget Mania – Block 1 (aka Block 93)

Welcome to the crazy Midget Mania day! Things have gotten extra crazy for me. My Electric Quilt 6 quilt design program has crashed no less than 20 times over the last day so it’s a good thing I had my new Electric Quilt 7 upgrade ready and waiting. I have no idea what happened to […]

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Midget Mania – 24 Midget Blocks in 24 Hours

It’s been a long, long, looong time since I’ve posted any Midget Blocks so I thought a little Midget Mania was in order. I’m going to try and stitch all 24 blocks tomorrow! Haha, who am I kidding? I’ll put together as many as I can and you have the option to print, stitch or […]

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