Shipshewana Dear Jane Retreat – Wed.


Good morning friends - It's 10:30 am and I'm still in my jammies but have been through the shower process. I know, too much information.
Brenda left a few minutes ago to meet Claire Baker and Edith Shanholt in Goshen. They're going to the Full Circle Exhibit at Goshen College.
I've hooked up our printer just in case we need some foundation patterns or whatever.

I arrived last night which was frustrating. I was supposed to drive down Monday but was delayed taking care of some things for my Mom and then yesterday a few more things popped up so it was almost 5 PM before I was on the road.

The only picture I have to share is of three lanes of stalled traffic I was in getting out of Grand Rapids. It felt like it went on forever and it rained all the way down. Thankfully Brenda had chicken soup and apple pie waiting for me.

I've seen Julia from Australia (what a sweetheart), Caroline from Belgium (of chocolate mousse fame), Caroline from the east coast and...........I guess I better get moving and see who else is in town.
I'll take lots of pictures today and if there's something you know of that's here and you'd like me to snap a pictures of please let me know.
My first stop will be Lolly's. They are having a Quilting Bee April 13-17. There will be three quilts and they’ll be donated to three local charity auctions upon completion (Habitat for Humanity, Haiti Benefit Auction, & Mennonite Relief Sale). I'll take pictures of this if I can. The Amish do not want to be photographed and I respect their wishes.

Now some shameless promotion to benefit the Traverse City cottage tax fund. I have lots of Australian Quilting magazines listed on ebay right now to sell. Free shipping. If you've never seen these magazines you owe it to yourself to get at least one.

I've also have some little quilt top for sale in the Online Store. Just a variety of things. There's larger tops to come when I get home.
And finally, I have bolts and bolts of fabric with me I'm selling for $2 a yard. Lots of homespun (Marcus Brother) for rag quilts and some other cute things. I'll post some pictures in case anyone is interested.

Last but not least, I think it's time for a Sew So Easy Schlep Bag tutorial. I'll be picking up fabric today so gather your supplies. You can print the supply list here.

That's it for now - getting dressed, off to Lolly's and then JoJo's for lunch. Sewing room opens at 3 PM and I have 3" swap blocks to sew.

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