Summer Days DOW Embroidery


You'd never know it by the weather the last few days but this weekend is the unofficial start of summer! It's rainy and kind of chilly again today. There was a frost advisory last night and I bet there'll be one again tonight. In spite of that I'm still thinking about my summer stitching. I'm always doing a little embroidery or applique when I'm sitting outside on the deck.

Summer Days

While going through my pattern boxes when I was packing, I came across this cute old days of the week design. I thought it would be really cute on some kitchen towels for the cottage. I'm going to use a different color floss for the flowers and lettering on each day but like the continuity of having the same floral design overall. It's a nice simple pattern and I think I can accomplish one towel each day until they're done. Want to stitch along? I thought you might, so I'm sharing the patterns with you. Just click on the text below to get your copy.

Summer Days DOW Embroidery Pattern

If you're not a fan of the days of the week idea, how about Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter ? I can see the flowers looking like snowflakes embroidered in icy blues and gray with the word Winter in the banner. Want to make just one or need a quick gift? How about embroidering the family name in the banner of a single towel or make a His and Hers set? This design would also make a great quilt label. There's plenty of room in the banner for the name and date. You could always enlarge the design a little when you print it if you need more room. Just a few ideas!!!!

I've been getting several requests lately for individual blocks from the Beyond The Cherry Trees quilt. I admit it's one of those projects I never get tired of looking at or working on. The block of the month ended so long ago I took down the long list of 29 patterns that was overpowering it's page in the online store. That meant you had to email me and ask if you could buy the patterns individually and I had to email you back with the information, create an invoice you had to respond to and blah, blah, blah. It just got to be a bunch of back and forth for both of us so............There's a new option for ordering. Just purchase the number of blocks you need, click on the link taking you to the form letting me know which blocks or borders you want and we're all set. Digital copies are $4.00 and print copies are $6.00. I hope this makes it easier for those of you who need patterns to complete your set. Do you think there will ever be another quilt as awesome as Beyond The Cherry Trees? I have my doubts about finding another treasure like that so what's a girl to do? I have a me, I have a plan!

There's still fog coming off the lake as I finish this. The two little munchkins snuggle together in the rocker by the furnace every time it kicks on so the warm air blows right on them.


The sun is supposed to shine again tomorrow and hopefully they'll find a sunny spot to snuggle in instead wanting me to hold them when the furnace turns off.
I'm heading to Quilt N Bee this afternoon for their Bee Creative class. The girls were at Quilt Market in Portland last week and I can't wait to see what they brought back with them. I promise to report to you on what I find. I'm going to check out the towel cupboard and see if they have something for the new embroidery pattern too.

I hope you enjoy the Summer Days embroidery and have some time today to take even a few stitches in the project you're working on. If you're not on the mailing list you should know there's a discount code available to use on digital patterns until midnight on Memorial Day (Monday) to celebrate the unofficial start of summer. The code is SUMMER and it'll take 20% off.

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