Dear Daughter Block of the Month – Blocks 37 – 42


Today is our final set of Dear Daughter blocks. I feel like the year has just flown by. I've seen such beautiful blocks being made throughout the year and look forward to seeing your completed quilt.

Rather than hold things over until January for the last two blocks I've posted the final 6 blocks. This way we can have a fresh start in January on a new quilt! Are you wondering what it will be? There's actually going to be two projects next year - something for everyone! I'm keeping them under wraps for now but promise to share one of them with you very soon.

Let's get started on this months blocks -

Block 37

Elias Randolph

Fulton Rock Co 


John A Randolph


Such a simple block but still very pretty. I think the fabric was once a beautiful shade of green.

Block 38

I'm in love with these quirky tulips. I think it's wonderful the way they dance around the block. There are four signatures on this block -

Grace L. Dunn

Harriet M Dunn

Elizabeth Y Dunn

Cornelia M Dunn

Plainfield NJ 

May 25th 1852

This for Maxom and Sarah Ann Dunham

Block 39

Maxom Dunham

Piscataway NJ

May 25th 1852

This beautiful bird block is for our groom - Maxom. Don't you just love the stripe fabric used for the stem and the wonderful indigo print for the flower pot? Beautiful fabric choices.

The bird itself has a reverse appliqued eye and wing. Look at the sweet little feet on this bird!

Two little flower pots are appliqued on the bottom corners. The fussy cut leaves fit perfectly. 

Block 40

We have another beautiful bird for our bride -

Sarah Ann Dunham

Piscataway NJ May 25 1852

Block 41

Cornelius C Blackford

May 25th 1852

Piscataway NJ

All of the little leaves on this block are fussy cut from the same pretty green print we've seen in many of the blocks.

Block 42

Emaline G Holton



It seems appropriate the final block is a donut block. I love the indigo and cheddar broderie perse appliques around the donut. You've seen the leaves in the corners many times before. 

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support and participation in recreating this wonderful quilt.  I hope you've enjoyed the journey as much as I have. 


Click on the link below to get to the and look for the listing for this months blocks. You can purchase the blocks for $0.00 (FREE) until January 1, 2019


Dear Daughter Blocks 37 - 42


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Dear Daughter Block of the Month – Blocks 33 – 36


There's a great mix of blocks this month with lots of room for creativity. I can't wait to see what everyone does with these. I think you'll have lots of fun so let's get right to them -

Block 33

Catherine R Duhham


Abraham Dunham

Remember Us

May 1852

I love the striped fabric in this block. At first glance you think it's used haphazardly but the quilter was selective in the placement of her templates when cutting out the pieces. I really struggled when drawing this block. The "fussy budget" side of me wanted to make things symmetrical on the corners but in the end I decided to stay true to the block and leave it a bit wonky.

Block 34

To my Sister

Sarah -

Eunice Burns

Ill 1850

There's some great broderie perse on this block in a fabric we've seen before. Personally, I'd love a few yards of the fabric used in the donut!

Block 35

Prudence A Blackford

May 25 1852 Piscataway NJ

Look at the two photos above carefully - all of the green stems and leaves in the block are actually broderie perse from a familiar green fabric we've seen before. The pattern has guidelines drawn around the center flower to help you select a fabric in the appropriate size. I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone interprets this block.

Block 36



Frances M Holton



This block has broderie perse on the four sides and corners. Nothing is symmetrical about anything except the donut. If you look closely at the corners, you can see where the quilter cut out pieces from her fabric following the flow of the sprig of flowers. None of them are the same. The sides are little bud motifs.


I guess that's all I can think of for this month. Click on the link below to get to the and look for the listing for this months blocks. You can purchase the blocks for $0.00 (FREE) until December 1, 2018


Dear Daughter Blocks 33 - 36


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Dear Daughter Block of the Month – Blocks 29 – 32


We have a nice group of blocks this week - 

Block 29

For My Sister S

Martha Jane Dunham




Block 30

Veisiah Titsworth

Piscataway NJ

May 25 1852

Block 31

Harriet June Randolph


Rock County


Block 32

Rachel Dunham

Plainfield NJ

May 25 1852

This block is pieced and the leaves appliqued on the rectangles.


I guess that's all I can think of for this month. Click on the link below to get to the and look for the listing for this months blocks. You can purchase the blocks for $0.00 (FREE) until November 1, 2018


Dear Daughter Blocks 29 - 32




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