Just Takes 2™ Benjamin Biggs Quilt Block 12 + Cyber Monday + Twelve Days of Christmas + Quilt Festival Tote Winners!


I had no idea so many things were going to happen on December 1st! Not only is today the day for the 12th Benjamin Biggs quilt block but it’s also Cyber Monday, the beginning of the fantastic 12 Days of Christmas sales so why not throw in the drawing for the International Quilt Festival Tote bags!

Pour yourself a cup of tea, relax and we’ll get started!
Clutch and Zoe Sleeping Babies
You’d never know it by these two but it’s hard to not know today is Cyber Monday. It’s the day you’re supposed to do all your Christmas shopping online! Clutch, Zoe and I couldn’t let this day go by without doing something to celebrate too. You have until midnight tonight to use the discount code FREESHIP get FREE SHIPPING on any order shipping within the United States. If you live outside of the U.S. you can get FREE SHIPPING if the postage is $13.50 or less. If it’s over that amount you get 50% off which really means you should be able to fill a Priority Flat Rate International envelope for only $13.50 in postage. An email with all the details went out earlier today.

Short StuffToday is also the beginning of the yearly 12 Days of Christmas celebration. Each of the next 12 days you receive an email to let you know what that day’s special is. It might be a pattern, fabric or something new

If you’re not on the mailing list be sure to sign up because the I hope you’ll take advantage of this to order some of the new things I’ve been adding to the online store and get any favorite items at greatly reduced prices.

Benjamin Biggs Quilt Block 10Today is also a Just Takes 2 Benjamin Biggs Quilt day! Now don’t panic thinking you’re getting another block that looks like Block 10 because that’s not the case. Last night I remembered something I learned about this block and wanted to share it with you. On one of the Facebook groups, sorry can’t remember which one, I saw a block that was almost identical to this one and it was called Cross and Trinity. The only difference between the two blocks was the four flower buds on our block were circles so there were three circles around each end of the cross. I’m so mad at myself for not writing down which group it was in. If someone else saw it and can find the picture please share it with our Just Takes 2 Facebook group. If I have time later today I’ll try to look for it again too but on to Block 12!

Benjamin Biggs Block 12


Block 12

I just love this block. It’s perfect for the month of December because it reminds me of ends on a Christmas Cactus plant. You’ll have this one stitched in no time at all.

Benjamin Biggs Block 12 Center


Emma K Biggs


I hope you’re enjoying your monthly journey with the Benjamin Biggs quilt. We’ll be starting the second half of the quilt next month. It will take us through 2015. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun.

IQF Houston 2014 Tote BagSpeaking of fun, I said I’d draw names for a couple of free Quilt Festival Tote bags. I used the random number generator and the lucky winners are -

  • Chris (#5 in the comments)
  • Terri Drake

Congratulations to both of you! Please email me with your delivery address and I’ll get the bags right out to you. Just click on the little box in the sidebar to email me.


Just Takes 2™ Benjamin Biggs Quilt Block 12 – Click here


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International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston – 40th Anniversary Ruby Jubilee Show


I had a wonderful time in Houston this year attending Quilt Market and Festival. If you’ve never been to the International Quilt Festival in Houston you should put in on your bucket list. It’s my favorite show and I’ve missed being there for a few years. It was so nice seeing old friends and making new ones.
IQF Houston 2014 From the minute you reached the downtown area of Houston you knew something special was taking place.

IQF Houston 2014The George Brown Convention Center is immense and the show covers the entire building – all three floors!

IQM Houston 2014
You can expect lots of wonderful new things to appear in the online store and during the upcoming Twelve Days of Christmas celebration. I shopped Quilt Market with you in mind! I can’t wait to share what’s coming up during 2015! It’s going to be a very busy time around here.

IQM Houston 2014 The quilt festival is always preceded by quilt market which is only for business owners and designers. I exhibited at the markets for many years and it was fun being on the other side of the aisle again for this show.

IQF Houston 2014Once market was over it was time for the 40th Anniversary International Quilt Festival to begin!

Just Takes 2 Barbara Black's QuiltJust Takes 2 Barbara Black's QuiltIQF Houston 2014 Tote BagBarbara Black used the Just Takes 2 patterns to create her quilt, Red and White – By the Numbers. It was the quilt chosen as the centerpiece design to celebrate this years 40th Anniversary Ruby Jubilee Quilt Festival. Her quilt was on all of the signs, the show book (yes, we know it’s up side down), the tote bags and just about everywhere the show was mentioned.

IQF Houston 2014The red and white quilt exhibit was stunning beyond words. I won’t even try to describe it – I put my pictures together in an album for you to look at. You can go through them individually, page by page but each page will work as a slide show too if you want. They’re not neatly organized but if you waited for me to find time to do that you’d never get to see them so I hope you don’t mind.


IQF Houston 2014

IQF Houston 2014

Our booth looked just wonderful – Brenda and I had so much fun.

IQF Houston 2014
We couldn’t have done it without Edith and Marie, our talented helpers. Here we are ready to celebrate Halloween. We wore our twinkling pumpkins and had some great candy in the booth to keep the shoppers from getting hungry while they made their way through the hundreds and hundreds of booths.
It was such an honor to meet so many of you when you stopped by the booth to say hello (Bonnie Hunter, I’m sorry I missed you). Meeting everyone was one of my favorite parts of the entire trip. Your kind words, hugs and requests for selfies make what I do even more joyful. If I missed you at this show I hope we’ll have a chance to see each other sometime soon. Maybe at the upcoming Quilt Festival in Chicago in March 2015!

There were 2000 quilts on display at this year’s show. Trust me that’s just mind boggling. There were several other displays of dolls, miniature quilt shops and other exhibits too. I didn’t photograph everything, and in some exhibits photography wasn’t allowed. Many of the quilts I saw were most likely once in a lifetime opportunities I’m so grateful to have seen them. Here’s another album of some of my other pictures. Once again, nothing fancy in their presentation but I hope you’ll enjoy looking at them.


Just Takes 2 and ZoeMy fur babies were mighty glad to see me when I got home and here’s Zoe snuggled under the Just Takes 2 quilt while I finished sewing the binding to the back side of the quilt. Yes, that was after the show and yes, I knew I hadn’t finished it…. It ended up being more fun leaving that section unstitched.
IQF Houston 2014 Tote Bag
There are so many more stories I want to share about the trip but they’ll have to wait until later. After all those photos I imagine your head is spinning with inspiration but if you’ve stuck with this post to the end you deserve a prize!

Leave me a comment telling me which quilt was your favorite and on Monday or Tuesday when I’m at the quilt retreat in Shipshewana I’ll draw a name and send you one of the show totes!!!

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Dream Garden Block 10 and iPhone Quilt Cases


Time, time…………I don’t have enough time! I really dislike that feeling and today I feel like I’m on the verge of meltdown which I dislike even more. I’m going to take a deep breath, go pound out some hymns on the piano and reboot my brain. Before I do that I wanted to let you know this month’s Dream Garden block is ready for you to download.

Dream Garden Block 10

Block 10

As we go through the rain of fall and head toward the snow of winter I hope you’ll enjoy stitching on these pretty flowers until spring comes around next year.

Midget Blocks iPhone 6 case
Midget Blocks iPhone 6 case by ssquilt
Check out other Quilt Casemate Cases at zazzle.com

Did you get a new iPhone 6? I was shocked to find out my Midget Block case over at Zazzle was in the top 25 quilt cases being sold. I made that case a long time ago for a customer and guess I should have ordered one for myself but I never got around to it.

I designed this case for myself a few years ago when I got my iPhone 5 and used it for my iPhone 5s too. I’ve love it and was really sad when they changed the size for the iPhone 6. All my beautiful cases no longer fit my phone. I’ve never listed this case in my Zazzle store but probably should have. I’m constantly asked “where did you get your case”?

Red and White Quilt iPhone 6 Case
Red and White Quilt iPhone 6 Case by ssquilt
See more Red Casemate Cases at zazzle.com

Since I’m going to Houston next week for the Ruby Jubilee 40th Anniversary International Quilt Festival I thought I should have a red and white case for my phone so I recolored my favorite Quilt Collage case. It hasn’t arrived yet but I thought I’d share them with you in this post. Trust me, I don’t get rich off these. If you order one (you can get them for any phone) I might get to buy myself a latte in Shipshewana next month but they are fun and I thought you’d like them.

That’s it for today – don’t forget to download your block and take a stitch or two in your current project!

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