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Violet is taking a nap so I'm grabbing this quiet moment to show you what I've been working on lately.
19th Century Sampler Center Block I've been plugging away on the center block for the 19th Century Sampler Quilt block of the month I'm working on. Megan Carroll designed a fantastic sampler using the Palampore Panel by Mary Koval. I haven't done broderie perse in a while so I'm really enjoying it.

I've done some scrap sorting and it was nice to get those a little more organized. Violet was happy to help and I told her I'm just not one of those people who can throw away little bits of fabric if I can use them in a quilt sometime. I found some really neat pieces and set a few aside to go in my Stonefield's Quilt. It's a long term project and I left it at the cottage for the summer. I'll try to take a few pictures when I get there this weekend so you can see my blocks.

$5 BOM Here's a sneak peek of a few of the blocks in the new $5 Block of the Month quilts coming out in the next couple of weeks. It's taking longer than I anticipated to get instructions written. There's a big quilt, smaller quilt and a surprise too! I'll send out an email as soon as they're ready so you can sign up.

Just Takes 2 at Lolly's If you're headed to the Shipshewana Quilt Festival this weekend and want to see the Just Takes 2 Quilt, it's hanging inside Lolly's Fabrics. They have patterns if you haven't gotten one yet and probably every fabric you could ever want all in one store! Congratulations to Barb Perrin on her first place win in the pieced, large quilt catagory!

I've got to run. Violet just woke up and we're headed to the nursery to see if we can find a fuschia plant to take to the cottage for the hummingbirds.....

P.S. There's a SUMMER coupon code you can use until Monday for 20% off all digital patterns!

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Just Takes 2™ Benjamin Biggs Quilt Block 18


I absolutely adore this block! It's filled with delicate sprays of tulips with the cutest little buds. They look just like green olives stuffed with pimento and I love green olives. Be sure to click on the picture of the block to check out the fantastic quilting. There's lots of great stitching.

Block 18
See what I mean? Isn't this a pretty block. I think you could take one of the tulip elements and use it on a smaller block for something else and it would be just as pretty.

Block 18 Center

Elizabeth (Elen or Elan) Groff
Thomas Creek Maryland

I searched high and low for some history on Elizabeth and didn't find anything I felt I could confidently say linked to her. I did however find an interesting article on the Groff Families of Carroll County, Maryland. It contains an Elizabeth Groff but I can't be sure it's our Elizabeth. I think you'll enjoy reading it anyway. Just click on the link in the previous sentence.

Morrell Quilt
The Caswell Quilt
There are several new patterns in the online store including Di Ford's beautiful Morrell Quilt and Corliss Searcey's Caswell Quilt, both from Australia. If you're here in the states you can get these huge patterns without the cost of international postage. I sold out of the first shipment of The Caswell Quilt within hours but more arrived on Saturday. I always have a ready supply of The Morrell Quilt. It's a huge pattern filled with lots of information and beautiful examples of broderie perse. I'll be adding more Australian patterns so be sure you're signed up for the newsletter to hear about them as soon as they arrive.

Quilting Girl Socks Be sure to check out all the new gift and notion items too. There are magnets, socks, microfiber cloths, brass needle treaders etc. More to come later this week. Several pair of the socks are making their way to South Africa! It always makes me smile when I see there are quilters everywhere in the world! We're such an awesome bunch - who wouldn't want to quilt?!?

Brenda is busy this week getting ready for her Cowgirl Roundup so visit her for the latest news and click the link below for this months block.

Just Takes 2™ Benjamin Biggs Quilt Block 18 - Click here


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Just Takes 2™ Benjamin Biggs Quilt Block 17


It's the first day of May and I'm headed back to the cottage again. We have great plans to pull old insulation out of the attic and a new, more winter worthy amount before it gets too hot to work up there. We'll see how long we hold up. It's going to be a messy, dirty job and I haven't quite envisioned how we're going to get the terrible mess that's up in the attic down through the hatch and out the door without turning the kitchen into a disaster zone but we'll see.
Zoe Helping with Yard Work April 2015 Here's Zoe helping with the yard work last weekend. She decided this spot on top of the yet to be installed dock would be a great place to supervise!

Today is a Just Takes 2 quilt block day and we have a really pretty, traditional block for you today.

Benjamin Biggs Block 17

Block 17

Benjamin Biggs Block 17 Center

Elen Morrison
Thomas Creek

The town is better known as Tom's Creek and mentioned frequently in historical accounts of the area. I couldn't find much information on Elen and I have a feeling her name might actually be Ellen. Many of these blocks were made by girls in their teens. I did find some interesting reading about a church in Tom's Creek. At least one of the surnames names mentioned in the article is also in your blocks. The Early Years at Tom's Creek United Methodist Church

Border PlacementThere were some questions in the Just Takes 2 Facebook group about placement of the swags on the border. I tested a half strip last night and put together this diagram I hope will help if you're having trouble with your border. If you'd like a PDF version of this to add to your pattern you can download it - HERE

I'm sure Brenda has something wonderful planned for you today so head over and don't forget to download your block while you're there!


Just Takes 2™ Benjamin Biggs Quilt
Block 17
Click here to visit Dear Jane

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