Quilt Show Eye Candy and The Cold


You'd think having been home sick for the last three days I'd have written before but dang, I've felt like crap! Started coming down with something Thursday morning so I stayed home from work so I wouldn't infect the customers or the girls working with me.
I made the 14 mile trip to Walgreens for some Sudafed so I'd be ready to work in the morning without sounding like my head was packed with batting. I even splurged on a box of Kleenex with Lotion! Can't remember the last time I had a box of tissue to use instead of plain old toilet paper.

Friday morning came and went. I felt worse than ever. The Sudafed wasn't doing a thing and I didn't have the energy for another trip to town. The cottage has never been stocked with medicine except for ibuprofen and band aids so Clutch and I tried to sleep our way through the day with hot lemon tea, eucalyptus lotion and sniffing menthol from a jar of pain relieving gel.

This morning I wasn't much better but knew I had to get to the pharmacy for something to clear my head. As I was getting ready, Paul emailed me a picture from his iPhone of a stack of quilts he found in an antique mall in Grand Rapids. He wondered if they were worth anything. My mouth started salivating when I saw that beautiful blue and brown chintz print border and an old granny square afghan. Sadly, after a few more pictures and emails back and forth I said to pass them by, but it did remind me today was the Patchwork In The Pines Quilt Show. All that adrenalin over the antique quilts convinced me I'd make a quick trip through the show on my way to Walgreen's.

Now what quilter do you know who can just make a quick trip through a quilt show, merchant's mall, see the challenge quilts and take pictures too? Sick or not sick, it's not me!

One of the most unique quilts I've ever seen. It was all clothing tags appliquéd to the top.

This one was interesting. It was a friendship quilt of words to live by.

This miniature was about 9" square. Tiny, perfectly pieced blocks!

Adorable embroidered girls with antique hankies for skirts.

Bright and cheerful

Soft and romantic

If you click on one of the pictures it should take you to the Flickr set where all of the quilt show pictures are. I didn't take as many pictures as usual and I didn't buy anything in the merchants mall. Positive proof that I was not feeling well!

I made my way to Walgreens and signed my life away for a bottle of Triaminic Multi Symptom Cold medicine only to discover when I got home that the pharmacy girl had given me a bottle of children's medicine. I've taken the dose for children 12 and under but I'm doubling that at bedtime and before work tomorrow.

Oh ya, the first picture in this post - it's a partial sketch of the new Polka Dot Garden embroidery quilt. I'm thinking of ya'll even when I'm sick.

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